South Manitou Island Michigan Part one⛵️

What a great place..the anchorage here is fabulous.. There are no amenities here, but lots of exploring to do. We walked 25,089 steps today that equals 12 miles. Bryce was able to cross off seeing the cedar tress on his bucket list. We climbed sand dunes and saw one of the three campsite here, for those of you who don’t know you can only get here by the waterway. I believe one of the areas that have a ferry to come over here is Lealand.

The anchorage is great sandy button and a huge area.
This is me starting our 12 mile hike out to the lighthouse, ceader trees and dunes.
We saw 👀 the lighthouse, now we see the camera…
We made it to see the ceader trees as I mentioned before Bryce can cross it off his bucket list.. Some of them seemed to be a tad dead to me. I have to admit they are not what I expected.

This is Bryce standing on a dead ceader tree that has fallen to its resting place.

Now.. Walking up the dunes did in need take my breath away.. I feel like I am in good shape too. I huffed & puffed up the dunes…

The view west was spectacular.. You could see the shadows of the clouds on the water.. This seems in contrast to the huge waves we slogged through coming over.

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