Sailing on Beauty with Bryce and Jane

Feel free to join us on our new adventures “Sailing on Beauty” We will try to keep this site up updated. Our journey will start on August 15, 2015 and will end when it’s done. We hope you will like what you read and share with us your adventures too.

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14 thoughts on “Sailing on Beauty with Bryce and Jane

  1. I’m soooooo excited for you two!!! You’re going to have the time of your life. Enjoy every minute. I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures. Have fun. I love you guys!!!

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    1. Hello Stefan & Nicole
      It is so nice to hear from you. We are glad Dirk gave you our info. Now you too can keep us up to date on what’s going on in your life’s too. Thank you for following us⛵️


  2. hey guys it David Hamilton from memphis , tn. we met at the yacht club glad you guys are doing great I was wanting to know what the cost was to step that mask in N.O.?

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    1. Good morning Dave. I have to laugh 😆 we haven’t paid the bill yet. I do have an idea but waiting on them to give me my bill. As soon as I know I will let you know. Thanks for reaching out to us.


  3. Hey Bryce and Jane,
    Cathy and I have been following y’all almost daily since we departed MYC. We dodged the Memphis Queen as we entered the MS River and she was coming in. AIS is a great tool. We traveled with then passed the Nina and Pinta on our journey home. We made it to Little Rock on 10/25. They made it a couple of days later. We are land bound until after Christmas, then will cruise up AR River early next year. Enjoyed your post on lower MS as that will be our route when we leave in 2019 for Michigan. Safe travels, keeping posting. Bob and Cathy, The Office to be re christened as The 4th Quarter.

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    1. It was so nice to hear from you two. Bryce and I enjoyed meeting you two. We are in Turner Marina. Our engine might need to be repaired. But I guess that happens sometimes while cruising. I think it is funny we think of you two often. Keep in touch. Happy Holidays 🍷


  4. Hi Jane & Bryce,
    We’ve been following you guys since your first loop and love the informative posts. Just wondering how the engine repair/replacement is going. Was the Little Red Engine an atomic 4? We have a 30′ Pearson on the Chesapeake Bay & are total newbies to sailing. Hope you guys are back on the water soon!

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    1. Hello Susan
      Thank you so much for following us. No, The Little Red Engine was a Westerbeke. I am very excited now that New Years is here…LOL it brings the Mid- of January closer.
      Happy New Years & Stay safe…


  5. Good Morning,
    I have been seeking info on how soon one can step a mast, going south, after Chicago. I was told that you did such, soon after, on your first loop. Is this correct and can you share any insights on doing such?



    1. We noticed that the bridges on the lower Mississippi are high enough that we could have re-stepped at the Ohio River. But no marina is available to restep. So we re-stepped in New Orleans. The other route, TomBigbee the bridges are too low for us. So have to restep in Mobile.


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