Jacksonville & Exchange Island, Florida

Good Morning Sunshine.  Our first night out anchored off St. John’s River was awesome, However; our second night which was last night was even better. After we arrived at Exchange Island there was only one more job to do. We had to hoist up our gen sail. The winds were so light it was the perfect time. Even at 61 degrees with the sunshine it was very warm. I felt like I could of had on shorts instead of long paints.

Well this is the start of our 3rd adventure. If I don’t post and you want to see where we are Trackmytour is kind of like our second blog. We track all of our anchorages and marinas where we stay. https://trackmytour.com/2p4qC


As we motored up river we passed the Jacksonville Navel Air Station, planes and helicopters flew over our boat as we passed by. It was really cool. They even have a marina.


he looked like he or she was going to hit our mast. Of course it was just an illusion.


Go…. Navy! Both Bryce’s father and my Father served in the Navy on ships


While cruising up river towards Jacksonville we also had to passe under a few bridges. Some were 64 feet clearance some were 75 feet and others we had to ask for an opening.  How about that; we passed our first Tow & barge for the season.


I think that this sign explains it all. We are in Manatee area


As we passed under one bridge you could see the next one in site. The brown arm up in the air is a rail road bridge called the FEC Strause RR bridge. Bryce called on channel 9 to okay our passage though the opening because the green light was missing and a train had just gone by. We could hear other vessels talking to the brdge operator.


This Main Street Bridge. As you can tell it has to be open for us. It didn’t take to long either for them to open it. Do you see the naked head stay on Beauty?  That is where our genoa (sail) goes.


With the few minutes to spare waiting for the bridge to open, I noticed The Christmas tree in Jacksonville Landing.


Look…. doesn’t it look like an elevator? It goes up & down


Yet another bridge. No big deal; this one we can go under…


“Good to the Last Drop” We drink it every morningSmile


Well this is Exchange Island on the Portside. We decided to take an early anchorage to put on our genoa. For those who don’t know what the gen is, it is our head sail.


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Halleluiah We Have Launched

Wow…We are back. After an amazing summer on Boatnicks, Now for a few fabulous months we will see where the wind takes us. It’s is funny I was actually a bit scared to leave Sailbeauty at Green Coves Springs, however; It turned out to be a nice place. It really isn’t just a marina but also a boat yard to work on your boat or they have what is called long term storage. We had her moved to the work area a few days before we arrived. Only to find a tad bit of a mess. Not due to Green cove Springs but to nature. One of our port side windows leaked so we had a bit to clean up. It never fails that I make more out of it than what it is. I freaked-out and cried a bit like a child with a broken toy. Only to find out after I cleaned the mess up everything was fine. Bryce buffed and waxed her along with two more coats of bottom paint.  Boy she sure does look pretty. I am not sure why but when we get on her I feel so young and alive. LOL Okay after 9 days of working on her and getting her ready for launch day she is ready.

This is our girl waiting for the crew to come get her ready for launching..


John and crew first came with the long trailer to take her to the launch area. I’am smiling behind the camera Smile


For thoses who haven’t seen this done it is a bit trickier then it looks. The alingment has to be perfect. We don’t want them to drop her.


Even Patch is happy to leave. If I didn’t know better I would think she is smiling too.


My honey is so so happy. Look at that beauitful wax job. Hey noticed how cold it is in Northern Florida?


This is where they put us in. We had to wait a few hours for these two to repervision before they moved. It was a irriating to me. We checked our engines, repervisioned, put our main sail up prior to launching.  So Beauty was ready to leave and we didn’t have to hold anyone up at the launch pad.


The crew here at Green Cove Springs are not used to launching boats stern first. They like their cuostmers to go in bow first which means we would have had to undo our two back stays.  It is much easier to remove the head stay.


We are in the water with only an hour before sunset. We headed out and found a nice place to anchor about 10 miles away in St. John’s River for the night.


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Jacksonville, Florida

It’s wrapping up soon

Well we left St. Augustine a few days ago.  We sailed and did some motor-sailing on our way up the ICW. The closer we get to Jacksonville I began to lose my motivation.  Last night was our last night anchored out on Beauty till December.  I know I shouldn’t be sad but I am.  She has become part of my inner soul. I am going to be missing her terribly. With that said, we will be looking forward our new adventures in December 2018.  We will be making a trip or two down to Florida to check on her this summer.

Over this next week we are staying in a marina close to Green Cove Springs to dismount the sails.  All electric and nothing of any value will stay on her during storage.  I will keep you all updated this week.

As we sailed up the ICW towards Jacksonville we said our goodbyes to St. Augustine till next December.   These are a few boats on mooring balls.


Winds were awesome so we put up our head sail.


A dry dock for the Military vessels where the intra-coastal meets the St Johns Inlet.


Looks like a mega-yacht is being worked on.


A few other ships near by.


What a pretty tug.  Its the Gregg McAllister.


Spring has arrived in Jacksonville…Time for re-shingling.  We have been there; done that..don’t want to do it again…LOL


The winds have been perfect to sail the ICW.. We reached 7.5 knots Awesome!!!


I had to laugh I have never seen boats on a freighter not sure if they are imports or exports. 


Up close and personal; I can’t make out the brand (make).


This dry dock has a freighter getting repaired.


Our last night anchored out on Beauty near Exchange Island.  About 8 miles from Ortega river.  Last anchor till December.  What a great night it was.  We had rain falling all night; washing the salt water off her before we hit fresh water where she’ll  get a good cleaning.


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St. Augustine, Florida

What a great place. We arrived here Day after we left Daytona beach. The first night we anchored just south of St. Augustine after we crossed the rapids of the Intracoastal Water Way.  That last time we crossed here 2 years ago we had a current pushing us to 9 knots. This was a different experience this year. The tide was high so it was quite flat; not much of a current. Well with that said, we arrived at our anchorage the same one that two years ago we wrapped our line around out keel.  I was a bit nervous. I just didn’t want to deal with that issue again. Well all that started well ended up well! No issues. We latter pulled up anchor and headed into the mooring field where we had mooring ball 7 reserved  in the North mooring. With a 20 foot depth. That is great with the 4 foot tide they have here. On Friday the winds piped up again.

Another sunken sailboat as we passed through another bascule bridge.


I am thinking if any of you are in the market to purchase a new business this might be for sale.


I had to laugh.. I think I might have the same photo from the first trip. I call this the bones house.


I know this doesn’t look like much, but this is the area off marker 91-A where the rapids were. Last year we hit 9 knots here. This year not so much because of high tide. But this was a Goldschlager moment for Bryce and he doesn’t have too many of them. LOL 


This is another place I thought was cool with the fishes head. It’s a B&B


I started laughing and said, “Look Bryce, train tracks leading into the water.” LOL He replied “No silly those tracks are how they pull a boat in and out of the water”  Well they look like train tracks to me!LOL


Okay we are on Ball 7, North mooring field as I said above.  As we were getting ready to go into St. Augustine a couple came over and started talking to us, Bill  and Rebecca from Moonlight Serenade.  We ended up making evening plans with them to come over after we came back from town. What a great night. Rebecca and I even WII (Wee) bowled. LOL It was a fun night.


We had dinner at Harry’s Seafood Bar & grill.


The next night, we ate at Probation Restaurant. I had the Blue Crab Pot Pie. It was very delicious.


Okay, I found this out fit here. I really.. really want It. But I cannot justify the price so I go to the website and it’s down!!! That makes me so mad!!


This is the outfit (Green one) isn’t it so cute?


We once again ran into Mel & Brian from Ohio.  We ate at Scarlett O’hara. Well they are continuing on with their journey back up to Ohio. The next time we meet will probably be on Lake Eire this summer. Safe travels our friends  


We  woke up in the middle of the night the winds once again has it the 22knot mark! We are planning on leaving on Saturday morning for our next anchorage. The winds don’t seem to be changing for the weekend.  We expect our anchorage to be much more comfortable than this mooring ball.




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A Windy Day in Daytona Beach, Florida

As we cruised up the ICW, we had seen on WindAlert and some of our other apps that we had winds coming in.  They expected to reach 40+ knots along with rain coming in so we decided to take shelter in a marina.  At first I was very excited.   By the time we reached the channel markers the winds had already stared gusting reaching 22 knots.  We pulled into the fuel dock and took on some fuel and I registered us for our slip H25.  After we settled into our slip we decided we would explore Daytona.  I was so disappointed!!   Yes, it’s Sunday. I didn’t know that nothing was open on Sundays. So we went back to the boat and called a taxi to take us to Daytona Beach area. Where are all the people? Daytona looked like a ghost town.

As we left New Smyrna we had to pass under this cute bridge. We timed it just right for its opening. We followed two other boats through.


George for some reason didn’t want to climb under his towel.


This boat hoist broke.


yet another boat on shore. Looks like the sister of the one in the last blog.


Well we settled into our slip a few hours later at H-25.  We backed in to assure our electric and air conditioning cables reached the box.


We ended up taking a taxi to Daytona Beach. Our first stop for some pizza.  We have not had good pizza in ages.  It seems to be a problem getting pizza we like.  This place made quite good pizza.


Bryce wanted to go on stage and sing Gilligan’s Island.. LOL.. But there was a fence blocking people from getting in the stage. Daytona was saved from hearing his magical voice…. 


We wondered through the plaza and decided to get ice cream.  Not a lot of people here.


I love the colors… There is hardly anyone around.


It would be cool to heard someone play here.  They don’t start till May or so.


My toes are in the sand but it’s hard pack sand. Kind of hurt my feet.


A painting of Manatee is on the back of the staircase.. Pretty cool; Love the colors


After eating the ice cream we had to talk a walk to burn off some of the calories we just ate.  The offshore winds were whipping up the waves.


I found a small group of bodies  on the beach.


Sure isn’t a lack of restaurants.  And they are open on Sunday.. unlike the city.


We saw so many black headed seagulls.


There seems to be a lot of repairs going on and a lot of missing buildings along the beach front.


Cars on the beach… pretty cool. When we were on our honeymoon, this was one of our stops.  We drove our car on the beach.


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New Smyrna Beach, Florida

A few years ago we didn’t have the opportunity to stop here, so I thought it would be great to share this with you all. New Smyrna: what an ideal stop and awesome holding ground for our anchor.  We first sat on the bow of Beauty and truly enjoyed watching all the different types of boaters go past us. We took the jet ski out and did some exploring. There is a really nice dingy dock just passed the 65 foot bridge.   Although Irma came through in August 2017, we still see the catastrophic destruction along our journey in the ICW. 

Some of the docks are still in distress after Irma.


I would rather replace my dock than my home..


Homes are getting a facelift after Irma.


More work to be done!


They lost something out of the canoe.


God bless America! That’s all I can say about this photo


This is a cool area. They even have a boat hoist on the back side.  However, they are missing the boardwalk out.  Probably they dinghy out until the deck gets rebuilt. 


Derelict boats from Irma damage. The ICW is loaded with this type of view.


I sure hope he is a repair guy and not a robber!!!


The Army Corp of Engineers is busy dredging the channels.


We are enjoying the view from the top side as boats pass us by.


We took the jet ski over to a huge sandbar in the inlet (from the ocean) that the locals enjoy going to.


When the water turns dark that means it’s deeper.  This is near low tide.  When the tide comes in, the sand bar disappears.


Bryce went back to bring the jet ski over to the center of the sandbar.


A small Army Corp of Engineers freighter was coming into the inlet.


This reminds me of a summer day in Michigan.  Lots of boats hanging out on the sand bar.


This is the dinghy dock at Smyrna. Our jet-ski is my dinghySmile


Reminds of sundial… Let the sunshine on me…LOL


Another interesting memorial.


Snake Alley is a bit close to the ground.  There was a huge car show downtown.


When I see cars like this, I call them parade cars. I expect to see someone sitting in the back seat waving; with the queen wave of course.


Bryce drove a jeep like this in the military.  This is an old Ford jeep.  Yes.. Ford made these.


OM!!  I will have to stop here on our next trip… I had the best Atlantic Salmon I have ever had. It melted in my mouth and the flavor was out of this world. Darn my mouth is watering just writing about it. LOL


Hornet.. Timmy this is for you!LOL


Awesome antique cars.  Here is a bunch from the 30s.


My next love.  This is an early 70s Bug.


I can imagine all the fun in the bus..


OM… how many of us can remember the good Humor Truck. Whenever my grandfather would hear the ice cream truck, he would dig-out his pocket change. Darn!! I miss him..


My darn camera.. I had trouble with it focusing.. anyway this was a missile launch from NASA.


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Traveling The ICW North Atlantic Side, Canaveral

OM. I have totally forgotten how amazing it is to explore the ICW. As we pulled up anchor from the Cape Canaveral area we headed West on the Canaveral River to the ICW We had a few bridges to pass under. After sailing the Atlantic over the last week, the calmness of the rivers is quite comforting. It is a bit more challenging to navigate the ICW, but the scenery is so cool.

One of the first things we notices was these barges being pushed on shore using huge inflatable rollers.


This sailor anchored just in front of the work area of the photo above.  Looks like they are getting ready for their day.


This shows the long river connecting Canaveral Inlet to the Indian River ICW.


Man, we could anchor near by and kayak this area.


A Pelican is flying high with wings open…


What a great branch to stand on for this diving duck.


Well looks like someone for got their chair.  Perhaps it will end up floating down stream….


Half way through the canal, we came to a bascule bridge.


I swear his head turns as I move the camera… She is posing for me..


I just cannot believe all the marinas along the Canaveral Canal.


Looks like another Irma mishap to a boat that was perhaps a derelict to began with.  It’s right next to an expressway.


Our view of a bridge over the ICW as we exit the Canaveral Canal.


NASA where they assemble the rockets.


This is another bridge that opened for us. The bridge says NASA on the side.  It connects the mainland to the NASA Space Center.


Clearance of 22 feet and the Pelicans are standing guard for NASA.


Just beyond the NASA bridge was a railroad bridge.  This is our first automatic bridge. It has flashing lights that tell you red stop due to a train is approaching and the bridge is closing.  It was flashing green for us.  Didn’t even have to roll in our head sail. 


Looks like an Island is growing here.


We entered a small channel that connects Indian River to the Canaveral Bay.  


Along this cut I see another Pelican standing guard on this sign and if you don’t do Idle speed he will crap on your boat…LOL


LOL I noticed this rooster going down for a drink.


Okay he had enough.  Seeing the road, the obvious question is “Why did the chicken cross the road?”


What a beautiful place to fish in. Two years ago when we traveled these path, there was a young men on a stand up board with his dog. Right next to him was an alligator. I didn’t see any this time.


Along with cut was yet another bridge we had to have open for us.  It is really no big deal all the bridge attendants are very nice and we very rarely wait because we time the bridges.


Just past the bridge is a park. Where people come to view the river.


This appears to be an old Shuttle fuel tank with two solid booster rockets.


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Fort Pierce to Canaveral Inlet, Florida

Okay, leaving Fort Peirce was an exciting event… We were happy to be leaving with the tide going out.  Not giving it much thought, the winds were coming in the inlet. This made for a washing machine effect like on a spin cycle going out!  Quite large waves.  At one moment I looked back and saw a wall of water as the bow was reaching for the stars..It quickly came back to earth with a bit of a bang.  I didn’t get photo it was a bit to hairy to hold my camera.  But we knew, once we got out of the inlet, the waves would settle.

After we reached the end of the Fort Pierce inlet we had 15-20 knot winds on our Starboard side beam with roller 5-6 feet.  A bit different then what was predicted.  However, you can tell I was still happy and able to set on the bow.  Over ten hours of sailing to reach Cape Canaveral. 


The only view I really had was another cruse ship


George is a lazy cat…  Resting peacefully under his blanky..


As we were coming into the inlet this freighter was following us in, being escorted into dock. 


The tugboat is now helping the freighter by pushing into the docking area.


Bryce went down inside to check out the name of the bridge when he came back up he had a crappy grin on his face. “You’re not going to believe this but right after the bridge about a 1/2 mile is a lock we have to go through.” I started laughing I didn’t know they had locks coming into an inlet.  


The green light means we are now able to enter the lock.  The Canaveral lock prevents large tidal currents through the inlet.  The area behind the lock has nearly no tide and is lightly salt water.  The ocean side of the lock has 3-4 foot tides.


The lock doors shut behind and we are dropping down about 1 foot..


This is an unusual lock.  The lock walls are not sealed.  Rather, there is a wide rock lined channel that is sealed at each end by the lock doors.


You can see the lock wall is porous.


Me; well my job is to keep the bow from hitting. No shots needed (Goldschloger)


The sunset…We anchored just past the lock for the night.


Now remember; if you ever want to know where we are you can check us out on https://trackmytour.com/3517


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Miami to West Palm Beach to Fort Pierce- Florida

So we left early Sunday morning to catch the outgoing tide around 7:00 a.m. from Miami to head toward West Palm Beach. According to the weather map, our winds would be perfect on the open waters of the Atlantic.  We ended up with some rain but not bad. However; whenever a front comes in, it can really effect the winds patterns as one might expect.  It wasn’t until after 2 p.m. when we finally received the winds we were expecting. 15 to 20 knots SW. We finally flew up to 10 knots with full sails out. Awesome… She sure was a Sailbeauty.

As we pulled up our anchor and moseyed past this little island.  We noticed campers had come in the night before.  Very cool campsite, only a few miles from Miami.


Look at the colors on this building.. It looked like a rainbow with the sun shinning on it. So if you follow the rainbow to the end you’re supposed to find a pot of gold!!! I wonder what we would find at the end of this rainbow..LOL


This is pretty cool. There is an indent that looks like a small bay in the middle of Miami.


This is a different looking cruise ship. It is all sealed up because it goes across the ocean to Antarctica, Greenland, Spitsbergen and Norway.  Now this might be a cruise I would like…Hint..Hint.. to my honey. I have a special birthday next year.LOL


Imports and exports all kinds of goods…


I wonder how many containers they lose crossing the ocean in high seas.


See the photo above? These are the cranes they use to remove those huge containers off the big ships. Pretty cool!


WOW.. Not sure if these are condos or a huge resort as we motored out of the inlet.


LOL…I first thought this was a car on the beach. Some one is grading the sand before the beach babe’s hit the sand.  This is an ocean view of Miami Beach (separate from Miami).


Bye!!!! Miami Smile We are sitting on the bow with a great view of Miami beach.


I should start using the pano view on my camera..


As we sailed across the blue ocean, we noticed a cruised ship passing our path. 


It truly was an amazing sail. We it 4 storm fronts passing us on our way to Port Pierce.  But everything was great.  We closed up the enclosure except for the door on the Portside. Bryce started laughing “Jane you have a bird flying over your head. A baby bird flew in. He was shaking from the cold. After he/she warmed up, we opened the window and it flew away.  George didn’t even notice; he was snoring logs….. LOL


West Palm Beach Inlet 

As we approached the inlet to West Palm Beach, this vessel was coming out. We gave him so much space when all of a sudden he turned right in front of us heading for a collision. We moved to the Starboard side to get out of his way. It would have been helpful if he would have reached out to us to let us know his intention.. There was a small Pilot vessel following him to take the local captain off. 


Well We made it safely inside the channel. I cannot believe we had 4 passing weather fronts on this portion of our journey. 


It appears it has gotten a bit rough out; the the jet-skiers are cruising in the channel.


Well after anchoring the night in the basin, I checked the winds.  When Bryce was done working for the day,  I suggested it was time to leave.  I wasn’t sure why, but I wanted to get up and explore Fort Pierce.  When we were a few miles out I got a text from our friends Brian and Melanie that they were heading in to West palm Beach. So sorry we missed you.  The winds indicated a great sail.


Look at this personal vessel we passed on our way out! They have 4 jet skis, a submarine and a couple of boats. 


Out in the Ocean blue the winds where about 20 knots.

LOL another stowaway appears: here we are sailing off the Atlantic Coast when this time we were visited by a parakeet.  Of course George slept through this one too. LOL  He must not have a good sniffer.  This little guy was exhausted.  He let us get close; but not to close. He rested for 30 minutes or so then flew away.


Fort Pierce

  After sailing for many hours we made it into Port Pierce. As we approached the inlet to come in, we watched the waves dancing along the rocky shoreline.


Of course on the other side we watched the people surfing.  Big rollers were coming in off the North Atlantic.


This bring back memories of my childhood days.


We passed this tugboat (Charles A) as we came further into the channel.  He has no idea what he is going out into. The Atlantic has turned in to a wash cycle.  Or maybe he knows and likes to be tossed around.


Charles A was towing this barge out into the Atlantic…


We anchored just past the mooring balls for a few nights.


Fort Pierce

After a few more major storms over the past few days here in Fort Pierce, we finally said the heck with it and jet-skied over to the City Docks Marina and went in for dinner.  They had a ladder I could us to get on the dock..Thank goodness it was a long drop to the jet ski.


I like the water fountain in the marina.


Boys bike street art..


We had dinner at Cobb’s restaurant.


Mr..Smiley I think he liked our cocktail..


We shared a Rum Runner.


So we have spent two days and three nights here.  Bryce filled our diesel tank.  It’s time to move on.  With the rainy weather we been having, I am looking forward to a week off when we reach Jacksonville. We headed back out to the Atlantic…To be continued


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Storms & Winds in Miami Florida

Coming into Miami was no picnic of course..  As we reached the channel to enter Miami, the skies blackened and winds gusted.  We saw 40 knots on the meter and the rain poured down.  Just prior to the large gusts, poor Bryce was on the bow trying to man handle the main sail, while I was trying to women handle the boat into the wind.  A few minutes later the sun came back and we were in the channel and were very thankful it passed.

We came into an anchorage called Stadium. The  winds keep us pretty much in anchorage for nearly two days, but we had great entertainment. The Miami School hosted a National Rowing event. The poor kids paddled/rowed in 20 plus mile an hour winds.  However; their smiles stayed on their faces for the most part. As they finished across the finished line many of them rowed there boat in front of us and we congratulated them as they crossed our path. 

After making it into the channel I noticed the light house on the island we were passing.


Wow… Houses built right after the inlet!! We could see lots of damage probably from Erma. There must be least 10 houses out there. 


We motored in nearly 10 miles to reach our anchorage. As we made one of our turn, the Miami skyline came into view.


At first, from a far distance this bridge just didn’t look 76 feet tall. I was thinking some body maybe made a mistake in there mathematics. LOL  Seriously, we pass under a part of the bridge that isn’t even the tallest part of the bridge. 


Wedding day.. on a catamaran! How cool is that.. We passed them going under the bridge.  Of course Bryce had to blare the horn and scared the crap not just out of me but the wedding party too.  They busted up laughing. Congratulations to the lucky couple..


Just passed the bridge we came into the Marine Stadium basin. Unfortunately, it looks like Erma may have left her mark on the stadium too. If you look closely enough you’ll see missing seats. 


Okay, What I am about to say comes from my mother!!!  Why do those idiots have to play their music so loud!!!  Not everyone likes the same tunes. 


Believe me that jet-skier got a screaming from the coaches. You are allowed to anchor but the outer ring is for the Rowing team. No motor vehicles except the coaches. The bay was full of rowing teams practicing for their met on Saturday. It was neat to watch them. 


Row…Row..  These guys were really zipping along.


This anchorage is pretty nice and well protective from weather.  Not to mention an awesome view of the Miami skyline.


Miami at Sunset on Thursday.  What a beautiful night we must of spent half the night sitting on the bow enjoying the view.


Friday morning.. Good morning Miami. The final prep for the race started Friday Morning.  The organizer expected 500 Participants along with 1500 spectators by land and water.  The  Miami- Dade Police helped control traffic in the area. They put markers in so boats would not come in. It also marked their finish line.  This boat didn’t pay attention. I am thinking perhaps something wrapped around his prop.


Another dream sank away… what a shame! The main sail and all the rigging is still attached. Hopefully they will get it out of the water. 


This boat joined the loud music club… No place to run to. I am forced to listen to rap all day and into the early morning Saturday!!! 


What a nice island.. While the day went on, Bryce took the jet-ski out to explore the island at the entrance of the basin. I wanted to relax with my electronics. 


Look.. they clean after they are done for the day! Boaters on Gull Island in Lake St. Clair could learn a lesson here!!!


Beauty with a spectacular view of Miami behind her.


OM!! a firework show.. Maybe it has something to do with the Miami International Regatta.


Saturday: Miami International Regatta started before we even made it to the bow with our morning coffee. Let the fun begin..


Four person team start… It just tickled me to watch them all.


Family and friends cheered from shore. We could hear them rooting them on as we sat on the bow.


Talk about speed..  This was an 8 person team with a person on the stern encouraging them to row faster.  They have to keep their boats in certain lanes defined by the red and yellow markers in the water.


The white one took first place in this race.


Girls single race… Row… Row…


After they crossed the finish line they rowed past us. We Congratulated them all for their hard work.


Our first place winner of the singles is from Israel. She said we have the best seats in the whole place. Yes we do. We congratulated her..


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