Tawas Bay Michigan

We anchored in Tawas Bay for the night. I was surprised to see the water temperature was only 59-60 degrees. While traveling (sailing) to Tawas the air temp was in the 80’s it was so warm, I had to put the pool up to cool down. It was funny because it felt like I was putting my feet into a bucket of ice.   
We were able to visit with our older son Ryan and his wife Karen for a few hours. What a great time Thank for coming out kids. 

FYI: I just wanted to share some interesting conversation with you that I had with a couple at the gas docks in Port Austin. 
Did you know that the Great Lakes have some of the most interesting shipwrecks. This couple who is from Canada go all over scuba diving. They showed us photos of vessels that are still fully intact under water. It was awesome to see. Yeah..,now I want to scuba dive!!! Hum…do you have to know how to swim…..lol 

This is cool too, I had cell power crossing the Saginaw Bay

Bryce & George enjoying a good day of sailing


7 thoughts on “Tawas Bay Michigan

  1. There are hundreds of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. They are protected sites, so you can go out and see them, but you can’t remove anything from them. I have a book about them. It’s really interesting.

    George looks very content. Happy kitty.

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    1. Yes, that is what the couple was saying. I just didn’t go into it. It is very interesting to here about. They are putting a book together of all of the dives. Underwater museums. Love yah….


    1. Hello Brian.. I get up at about 3 am and work to 11 or 12.. That leaves pretty much the whole day for sailing or whatever.. I would not be able to sail and work.. Best to leave them separate.. Provides great concentration for work.. We have found we don’t typically like to leave till noon anyway..


    1. I can’t believe it’s working out…but he has no issues with it. We generally leave for our next spot around 12 and try to get into anchorage before dusk..I love it👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


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