Harrisville Michigan 

What a nice place to visit..,after Bryce was done working for the day we went into town. I needed to go to the market and pick up a few things. We decided to have dinner out. I cannot tell you the last time I enjoyed my dinner as much as I did here. I savor every bit. I had butternut squash soup, and the logger sandwich (French dip) Bryce had  a BLT & chicken noodle soup. I know these dishes sound so normal but they were far from normal…my mouth is watering just thinking of the soup. I give this Old Place Inn Restaurant ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Old Place Inn Restaurant  This is our Beauty anchored inside the marina. I have to say people here are very nice. The harbor master even offered us a place on the beach to have a campfire 🔥

town was so peaceful


kicker…we met a very nice couple and they invited over.  Bob & Vickie and they are headed to the Erie Canal on there way to South Carolina..

Me & Vicky

Bryce & Bob

  Thanks for the wine it was delicious 🍷

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