Frankfort Michigan

Fabulous..,,fabulous…what a great visit here in Frankfort. It seems like many years have past since my past visit here. My sisters- in-law and Mother Johnson used to have a girls weekend up here.  Bryce and I are really enjoying Frankfort it reminds me of why we are doing this trip. The sun, the breeze and the ambiance which reminds me of the South. 

After our crazy experience crossing from South Manitou we pulled in to safe harbor here in Frankfort. 

 This is the harbor we took anchorage in for a few hours while waiting for the arrival of daylight.  It was a bit rough even inside the breakwater.
  The dancing waves splashed upon the break wall 
After getting in to the river we took a slip at the municipal docks. What nice service we received. We took a walk down to the break wall and noticed a beach. People were gathering from all over to do windsurfing, surfing and stand up paddling. 

 We walked along the breakwater and watched all the going on.

 This is a photo of a windsurfer going out into the Lake Michigan the winds were gusting at 30 knots  

Surf boarder getting ready for the next big wave….

  This is a photo of a windsurfer coming in after he/she road there wave 
  Today the winds are at 17 knots and we are renting a surfboard we/ Bryce lol… will do some surfing. Me, I am thinking a paddle board but that will be determined by the waves. 

 Over looking the marina on our way back from the market.  

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