Calumet River

What a nice scenic view the Calumet River was.  Despite the rumors of it being industrial and not scenic. It is industrial for the first 5 miles or so and shared the view of a working man/women. I like looking around and seeing we still have industrial jobs in the United States. The other way was we could of came was through the city of Chicago but they had more bridges and less clearance. I totally recommend the Calumet River.

Here is a photo of the entrance for the Calumet River this is our first bridge to pass under. I was a bit nervous..but it was so cool…

Yes…we had about a 2 foot clearance 

I can’t even imagine there beginning more bridges to pass under. We passed under 42 bridges at my last count just in the Calumet River.  

You can see some of the industry from under the bridge.


Our first barge passing. However, let me be politically correct and call it a (tow) in my eyes it’s not towing it’s pushing. 

Here we see👀 a tugboat without a tow. 

This is one of the salt company along the river. Looks like they are getting ready for winter. 

Many trains pass along the Calumet River. It seems like we are always hearing a train passing us by. I think that is music to Bryce’s ears considering he is building a train in his garage. 

It looks as if we won’t fit but we had at least 2 feet clearance at all times. 

Closer view.


We passed 3 nice water falls 

Get this! We saw three sunken vessels on the Calumet.


This is a boat on its side. Wonder if they will be pulled out or if they will become water art. 

  Bryce enjoying his day with no waves.
 Second set of waterfalls. It’s a Scenicview 


A view shot of the river.    
We are going to be passed by a tow. Bryces AIS told him what the name of the vessel was: David E. So he radioed a head and asked them what side they wanted to passs us on. When the guy gave him a holler back and said “2 bells” Bryce belly laughs and replied back. “You’ll have to forgive me. I once knew that term but have long forgotten the meaning” the man’s voice replyed back “starboard side”then his voice disappeared. I told Bryce.  Starboard is two Sybil’s for 2 bells so 1 bell would surely be for the port side. He laughed and agreed with me.

 David E. Look at the water he is pushing from his bow. Amazing that some thing that big can move fast enough to push out a wake.

 Bye…David E.
 Our view is getting more Autumn like. You really don’t notice but the trees re starting to turn colors.What a relaxing trip so far.

Petroleum pipes ran across the skyline in a few of the areas


 This winding twisting river had such a relaxing tone to it. The winds blew as we motored through Calumet. The air was warm so the breeze was very much welcomed.

He is having so much fun….

 We found a few areas that if we needed to tie up at, we could. This launch ramp reminded me of a rest area off of the expressway…lol

I just like this view…

Bryce said George needed to come up and visit me..    
 We passed a boat getting hauled out for the winter. 

This photo will bring our trip to an end on the Calumet River. The Chicago Sanitary blends in here with the Calumet River. To be continued on Des Plaines River going into Joliet which eventually dumps into the Illinois River.


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