Traveling Down the Mississippi

I couldn’t sleep, so I got out of bed to check the anchor. As I approached the upper deck the cool morning dew covered the enclosure on the boat. It was so thick I couldn’t see the tow passing us. Beauty twisted and turned all night like a restless child. No current to keep her straight. The thought of what the chain might have done to the anchor….well, my mind doesn’t even want to think about it until we have had a few cups coffee. The chill inside the boat seemed to disappear after I closed the window next to the bed.

As we traveled down the Mississippi River, I was surprised to see the current as strong as it is. From the last Lock ( The Chain of Rocks ) to the present time we have gained 4 miles an hour in speed.  So instead of getting 6 mph we are getting about 10. (AWESOME). There are areas where you can see the turbulence under the water spiraling like a whirlpool. A few times I did tense up with my over active imagination thinking that one would open up and suck us into another dimension.   I was assured by my wonderful husband that would not happen. But….you never know. (right?)

 This little round volcano looking rock has a fast turbulence current around it but we weren’t able to catch it on camera.


Bryce noticed this pipeline going across the river like a bridge. Probably the current was too fast and river too deep for them put it under the river.


Oh.. My look 👀 at the wake the tows produce.  They created a somewhat standing wave behind the tow.


I love all the sandy beaches we are finding.  This was our anchorage for the night!


Ok, hold on to your hats….lol This is the biggest tow we have seen..42 barges. Six wide by seven long.  Wow now that’s big! 🙆🏻 


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