Traveling to Mobile

On our way to Mobile we stayed in a place called Tenasaw River for two nights thinking it would be a great place to hide from the winds that were coming in. We did accomplish getting a few things done on the boat. I did some good cleaning done. According to the books that we are using, Waterway Guide this is a good area to see alligators George and I kept our eyes out looking for one but we never did see any.

Tenasaw Bay where we anchored


We pulled up anchor around 6:30 am to head towards Mobile Alabama, I must say has really has been an adventure between anchoring in 28-30 miles an hour winds and watching for alligators  that we never saw along with thunderstorms & tornados watches and just plain heavy down pour.

It was raining so hard & weather report: Tornado watch or water spout. My heart pumped so fast I yelled over to Bryce after looking through the side of the in-closer OMG! look I see water spots 4 or 5 of them!!! He look and looked then he started to laugh at me. He said he had always wondered what the rain would look like coming off the bridge. I went and decided it was Bud-light time🍺


The rain and tide brought trees and limbs off shore and flooded the river once again!


I first sign of tropical tress or shrubs. I think this poor bird was tired of flying in the rain. he/she found a resting post.

We made it! This is the view coming into Mobile Alabama from the river. I cannot believe after 2.5 months one week shy of three months we are here in Alabama.

These are some of the neat vessel we past coming into Mobile.

our first say in Mobile wasn’t the best stay. We stayed along the wall dockage at the convection center. It was free dockage.


We had logs/trees  floating between us & the seawall and some where the size of a telephone pole. Bryce had to keep them flowing past us because we didn’t need a log dam under Beauty.


What a phenomenal view over looking the plant where they build the Navy Ships LCS Independent class ship (tri-hull).  There were about 6 of these in various states of construction. This thing zips along at over 50 mph.

We had a some what relaxing time for the night. Tomorrow promises to be a better day weather wise.  Off to the right (above) is an aft view of a brand new Navy Catamaran supply vessel.  Kind of cool looking.  Below is a view of the bow.. next day as we left.


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