Macro Island Exploration

What a fabulous journey of exploration we are now having! We are thinking that we have already seen 90 miles of area that we would have never have seen without the jet-ski.   We went to Rookery Island this time. We meet up with….I will call them the three wise men.. We talked about jet-skis of course and other areas of interest.


Our three wise men from the left are: Jesse, Derik and Colin  Thank you again for the fun time on the beach.  Jesse owns the Spark and the Sea-doo in the center.  So he was a great source of information on the Spark: a boat we have been looking at.  Colin and Derik gave us great pointers about taking care of our Sea-doo in salt water.  We are fresh water jet-skiers, so the salt water specifics were much appreciated.


Today the island was busy with people putting their toes in the sand and enjoying the sun. There were lots and lots of pontoon boats.


We left Naples and headed to Marco Island. Towing the jet-ski behind Beauty worked out very well. We just have to clamp off the cross over tube which provides the water inlet and then again remember to unclamp it before we use it. The Gulf was suppose to be kind to us today; winds 5-10 but she has her own mind and blew 10-20 knots. Waves were between 2-5 feet.


We anchored at Marco Island near what used to be Cocoa Island before a hurricane took it out.  And we were greeted by the dolphins once again. This time if you look closely you can the damage done to this dolphin’s fin by boat props. It just brings tears to my eyes when I see this.


I cannot even count the number of dolphins dancing in the bay around us it was just so beautiful watching them.


We went on another adventure today and traveled through the Collier Seminole State park and a portion  of the Ten Thousand island National Wildlife Refuge. Just under this bridge we passed a tour of Jet-skis. You can take a tour of the Islands by jet-ski. They are pretty cool.


This is Old Marco Lodge. We thought about stopping in but there was so much to see we didn’t want to stop.


This Island is not far from Cape Romano. It looks like a place to hang out for the locals. Just prior, we stopped at Brush Island and asked about directions to the “Dome House”.  On the way, we stumbled on to this unnamed island.


This island also had a curved shape in it that formed a bay on the other side.


Me enjoying the beach and jet-ski.


This is the “Dome House” at Cape Romano Island. I believe the story goes that back in the 1970s .  Someone built these dome looking pods as their home. They were originally on land.  They are made of concrete and are slowly being engulf by the sea.  It is just a shame that people have to confetti old buildings.

After a few hours of play we ended our evening on Marco Island Beach and Beauty is in our view.


What a great time on the beach.


I have to laugh.. I have never been in sand that felt like flour and sand. YES, I mean baking flour; it even left a residue on my feet. LOL I could roll in it and look like a ghost.


We watched the sunset from the beach on Marco Island


Earlier in the day, we anchored inside the red buoys in front of the Beach & Resort. The depth is 11.4.  We anchored in a small current of the out going tide. Lots of wave action from passing boats. We didn’t see anything less then about 9 feet with the out going tide.


2 thoughts on “Macro Island Exploration

  1. That’s sad about the dolphins. You guys look so tanned and relaxed. I love all the great pictures and stories you are sharing. Have fun in the sun and send some of that sunshine our way. Love you guys!


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