Wilmington, North Carolina Exploring

We were only about 6 miles from the city of Wilmington, so we went to town every day by jet-ski.  As we were entering the city, we saw the fire-rescue boat testing their fire fighting equipment just off the city docks.  Boy, these pumps must really be powerful!!  Pretty cool to see how far they could shoot water.




It was a bit rainy this day, so we brought our rain suits.  How do you like my new hat??  I got it for Bryce’s birthday!! Flirt male




We stopped at “I Love NYC Pizzia”.  We over estimated our appetite and ended up with a lot of left over pizza.




As we walked the streets, we noticed this “Trolley Pub”.  Apparently, you peddle to move this trolley from bar to bar.  Each bar you can get a drink and carry it along on the Trolley Pub.  No drinking and driving here folks!!  You only peddle..




Next day, we went in and had drinks and appetizers at “Elijah’s”.




Here we are at the dingy dock.  With the day slowly slipping away, we headed back to Beauty.  We could see the rain in the distance, so I donned my rain coat.




Thanks for reading my blog.. Have a wonderful day!!

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