Traveling the ICW, Wrightsville to Elizabeth City, North Carolina


I must say we have had our share of rain and wind from Tropical Storm Bonnie and now Tropical Storm Colin. We are getting ready to head up the Dismal Swamp today. I am sure it will be a start to yet another great part of our trip.  We have traveled several parts of the ICW that we would like to share with you all.  I just don’t understand why people put down the ICW.  It is so rich with nature and the scenery is spectacular. We have done some motoring and yet we have had great days of sailing.

After leaving Wilmington we turned through Snow Cut to Wrightsville. We anchored in 25 feet of water at mid tide. 




This was our view at our anchorage. We really had no issues with local boaters. We shared the anchorage with 3 others boaters.




This is one of the sailboats anchored in the same area of Wrightsville




We passed this Coast Guard Cutter anchored near the entrance to the bay.




We have had so much rain. I was happy to see that this ship had its “arms” up. 




Rain in the distance but the view was still specular.  We could see the rain coming in for miles away.




The guys looks so relaxed fishing. I wonder if he is playing hooky from work.




This is another fixed bridge of 65 feet. It is so cool when you have a view of trees and then suddenly opens up to a city.




This is the view just as we past under the bridge on our starboard side. The couple on the top of the hill were yelling hello to us. LOL




Wrightsville to Camp Legeune  North Carolina.

I fell in love with this house! PINK




Look.. you can see the baby birds looking to see who is passing…they are so cute..




Bryce had to radio ahead to the “Figure eight Island Swing Bridge”.




Another rain storm from Tropical Storm Bonnie.  The buoys mark a channel through the sand bars.  It was a bit of challenge with the rain coming in.  It was quite well documented in Active Captain.




We thought this was so neat.  Flag and palm tree in the middle of the entrance to a side channel.  Near high tide located on a sand bar.




Another bridge opening for us.  Often, we need to time these bridges because they may open only on the hour or half hour.




Camp Legeune  North Carolina to Morehead City

What an experience following the red buoys in at dark.  WE made a long run and were coming to a tricky part just after dusk.  According the the water guide book, we needed to keep the red buoys close on our left.  We did and had no issues at at.  There were two other boats anchored in the bay and our radar showed them really well. I was on the bow shinning the “Justin’s” light.  I have to chuckle because things seem so different at night. We took a cocktail to the bow after anchorage when we spotted an unlighted helicopter doing maneuvers. I felt I I was in a science fiction movie and something was going to reach down and grab us. LOL




When we woke up anchored here in Camp Legeune the view was so pretty.  The anchorage was well protected and no tidal current.  LOL.. I suppose it would be well protected with a Division of Marines just off our bow!!!




We recommend this; is was a good anchorage. 




There are areas here in the ICW where the Military target practices and they actually close down the ICW during these practices. These look like old tanks that they use for target shooting.  Maybe they should collect all of the old derelict boats from Florida and target practice on them? LOL




Perhaps this is a tower that they use to watch them blow up stuff. 




There are signs like this on both sides North & South.  You can also call the Marines and they will tell you if the area is closed.




I believe this is a duck blind. Boy, it looks kinda close to the City.




This photo is for our bother-in-law Bill Phillips and a great Cap he isIsland with a palm tree




Morehead City to Goose Creek


We saw this Buzzard sitting in the tree, perhaps looking for his next meal.




There are a few tows we needed to look for in the ICW.  This shows one such tow coming toward us.




This picture shows a weather buoy just off the ICW.




I like this fishing boat.. Great name!!





Goose Creek to Alligator River


I have to laugh the rivers look like bays to us.  We sailed this river and really enjoyed it.




We watched another crab potter collect his cages. I am surprised with all all the carb pots out in the rivers and Ocean. I wonder if there are any crabs left to be had…




We had a little visitor hitch a ride and just didn’t want to leave us.




Look a turtle.. the bay turned into a river looking area.




There wasn’t any home attached to this poor dock. It looks like it has a story to tell.




This was such a straight path to follow.




This trawler passed us. He slowed down once he got closer to us.




Snakes… This little guy breezed past us as he was crossing to the other side




Well, I was enjoying the view and Bonnie dumped on us again.




Elizabeth City, North Carolina

We made it into Elizabeth City Docs.  I had to laugh my fanny off.  OM.. Beauty is nearly 14 feet wide and as you all know we carry our kayaks mounted on racks on the out side of the bow. Well, the Water guide books tells you that the slips are 18 feet wide.  Now as we approached the docks, with other boaters and people standing by watching us, we slid into the dock.  Well, we had to figure out why in the heck this dock is so tight. We had to remove the kayaks from the side of the boat.  When many voices came from the dock telling us we need to move to a bigger slip.  Some one suggested I tell the Captain how to do something.  I stood with hands on my hips and replied “I am married to him. I am not going to tell him how to handle his boat.” 40 years of boating I think he knows what he is doing!  Yea right!!  Anyways, somehow we stumbled into a 13 foot wide slip. We did end up moving out and going to the next slip that was 18 feet wide.  After tying up, we all had a great laugh about our coming in and chatted with everyone till dark over a few beers.  The following evening he had a great dinner with Hans & Greta.  We made new friends after we tied up and relaxed. Mike on his boat, Ben with his boat, Terry & Kim were in a slip on the Port side and Hans & Grata on the Starboard.




Kim and Terry left early the following morning. We figured since we are going in the same direction, we will meet up again.




Hans & Greta’s boat.




As always we would like to thank each and everyone of you for following us.

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