Middleport, NY–Erie Canal

I thought I would start my blog with an opening joke today, except I don’t know any. LOL  We headed up the canal to Middleport, NY. It started out as a very sunny day and hot temps in the 90’s. The good thing was the clouds rolled in and that seemed to help cool me down a bit. We had another good day traveling up the canal.

We pulled away from the sea wall in Albion, NY and headed to Middleport, NY. The young man operating the bridge was tending to 3 bridges. Depending on the way you were headed after he opened one lock he would drive to the next one.



I sure hope the murals don’t get destroyed by confetti.



This sign read: You have reached the most Northern part of the Erie Canal.



Here is another over flow dam with gate valves.



This is Eagle Harbor bridge.  The bridge operator drove to the bridge to open it for us. We told him how slow we were so he was able to calculate the mileage with our speed.



When I first looked at this floating down the canal I thought it looked like some ones brain; but it was just a melon.



After we passed under Eagle Bridge we found people fishing.



Look a road runs under the Erie Canal!!  Note the bicycle path between the sign and the railing.



And the road comes out here on the other side.  Probably a few drops of water from the canal land on your car windshield as you pass through.



There are big engine powered water pumps that allow the farmer to pump water from the canal to water their crop.



More control gates open. This is good news for us. We didn’t know that we could get alerts on our phone if there is an issue on the Erie Canal.



Well they said no luck in catching fish.  But I see by her shirt she must like to sail.



I think it’s wild how this canal just twist and turns.



LOL… I think they wanted a bon fire so bad they were burning furniture.



There are so many different bridges on this canal.  Some are fixed like this one.



I always thought it would be cool to try this style of a bike.  Maybe it would take the pressure off my butt….LOL



We came up on Medlina, NY.  Apparently there is another water fall here.  But we decided to move on 5 more miles to Middleport, NY.



We could see this mural from a distance.  I am so impressed with the spirit of the town people here on the Eire Canal.  It seems like it just glows with pride from town to town.



Looks like Sal and her friend are hard at work again.



We saw apple trees just about a mile out of town.  It also looks like this area might make wine as we noticed a few vineyards.



Here is the Medina lift bridge.  He had it waiting to go up for us.



Just under the right side of the bridge these two were fishing. Again they were having no luck. I would be starving if I had to wait for anyone to catch fish because it appears no one has any luck. LOL



This is the bridge operator at the Medina Bridge.  He will meet us down at the next lift bridge.



I would think it would be a good guess that these people might have Lamas.



“Hi ladies are you wearing a Fitbit? Are you getting your 10,000 steps a day?”  They started laughing and said no.  I talk to most everyone as we pass by.



This looks like it would be a great place to write or just get away for peace and quiet.



Okay… do you notice that one of the gates is closed?  For what reason, I have no clue.  I just wanted to show you what it looked like. Because it is narrow here and it created a strong current.



This view is from the other side.



At Middleport, we settled in on the south wall with free electric and water, we headed to dinner.



Bryce is standing on top of the dam that allows us to see the water flowing through a few gate valves from the canal to create another waterfall and goes right back under the canal.



I took this looking down. It’s so hard to believe that it flows out to create a stream that passes under the canal.



We ate dinner here at the Basket Factory.  Apparently it is under new owner ship.  The food was very good.



Although it says marina too, I would check the water depth before entering.



Lots of baskets are hanging from the ceiling.



Universalist Church built in 1841 members brought cobblestone from Lake Ontario Shores by using an ox cart.  The walls are built from small stones!



We continued to walk through town and memorial for the volunteers of Middleport fire department.



They also have a cool Time capsule..I was trying to think what a fireman would put in a time capsule. I know… an ax…maybe a hose.



I like to show you all the murals that are along the canal.  This beautiful mural looks like it could use a touch up.



This store wasn’t open. However, I thought the murals were neat above the door and windows.



This is Middleport. This picture shows a small area of it near the water front.  We had a good visit here.  Alan, the bridge operator, came down and greeted us to Middleport.  He was so nice.


Thanks for following us. Red rose

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