Grand Haven, Saugatuck to New Buffalo MI

Grand Haven is a lovely place. We read on Active Captain that we could tie up to the sea wall for free. This is true for daily users. For overnight, it only 10 dollars a night. We had no issues really with rolling or wakes. Our son Justin and his wife Tera came to visit us with our grandchildren Bailey and Evan. What a great time it was. The following day I had to find the post office. I woke up early and went for a walk while Bryce worked. I looked for a bakery to pick up some fresh doughnuts. It’s funny how everything is closed on Mondays. Okay not everything but some places that I was interested in going into. The weather over this next few days is going to be great. We looked at wind alert and decided  Thursday would be a good day to cross over to Illinois. As we have great friends in St Joseph, we thought about going back to St. Joseph Mi to have our mast taken down; however, the weather is so nice we decided we better cross Lake Michigan while the winds are in our favor.  

Beauty on the wall at Grand Haven


Shorty after we arrived, Justin and his family showed up. We walked the boardwalk The kids had a goodtime. We played in the park.


Bryce & Justin were happy to explore the large 2-8-4 Steam Locomotive on display.


Tera and Justin


Our Youngest son Justin and me.


We sadly said our goodbyes. It was awesome to see them. We kept telling Tera that we weren’t going to be able to see them. That we wanted to cross over to Wisconsin this time around. It didn’t work out for us to do that.


This is an over view of the boardwalk and Coast Guard Station.

lighten coastgaurd

The Coast Guard area here is pretty neat too.


This is part of the 1.5 mile walk along the boardwalk in Grand Haven. Boy, I reached my Fitbit goal of 10,000 steps twice over today. They have all kinds of shops and places to eat and ice cream here too.


This is a cool looking piece of art along the boardwalk..


I never knew there was such a thing as a life saving house. It is pretty interesting to learn about.  They rowed out to stranded vessels to save the crew.


The Saving House.. Today is now a privately owned home.


Grand Haven lighthouse pier is under construction.  When the waves rushed over the walkway during storms apparently it erodes the piers.


Look my toes are in the water..LOL  Finally warm enough to walk on the beach. What a great day.


Walking down the board walk we noticed Tammi & Michael with Kato coming into Grand Haven.  We met them in Charlevoix.


Bryce is peeking in the window at Board, Lights and Power… Just like a child he wanted a tour of the inside so bad.. but everyone saw him coming and ran the other way. LOL kidding a side, the next visit I will have to call and see if they give tours.

He was able to see the two story tall diesels than ran the generators.


What a perfect way to end a day.  Our favorite pass time..


The following day we let the lines loose and headed further South to Saugatuck.

With winds on our stern, Bryce was able to use his whisker pole.


These are the channel markers for Saugatuck. Nice wide channel.


As we cruised into Sugatuck, It was mind-blowing to see the homes along the river.


Retro Boat rental.. These are so cute… Want to rent one? 


Saugatuck Paddle Wheel Boat Cruises:  or phone 269-857-4261


We took the dinghy into the dinghy dock. The first restaurant we saw was Pizza. We haven’t had pizza  since we left home. 


The following morning we fueled up and headed towards New Buffalo. We anchored outside the breakwater near the beach.  It was great! How often does this happen on Lake Michigan..


We will be crossing over this afternoon to Hammond Marina to have our mast unstepped.  Here is an overview of our trip so far from


Thank you for following our blog.  We always enjoy feedback.

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