Anchorage at Mile Marker 121

I’m starting this blog with Bryce having a 30 to 40 minute break from me.  He really wanted to take Patch out for a spin and explore the area. Me? I have to get some cleaning done. When he came back from his vacation, we proceeded traveling down the river. It was another beautiful day.  The temp was 77 degrees and sunny.  It’s is nice to travel slow we get to see so much. I am surprised that there aren’t any river boats or houseboats here to rent.  We found another anchorage spot along the river this one is near mile marker 121 just before Havana.  Not the best anchorage, but it worked.

We watched the tows go by with our morning coffee. Then Bryce went back to work for a few more hours.


This is Beauty anchored at Mile Marker 148 Bryce is out on Patch enjoying his freedom.


He jet-skied over to Mackinaw River. This sandy beach is where the locals stop.


Nice clear water coming out of the Mackinaw River.  Water is a bit cooler then the Illinois River.


The Mackinaw River is flowing quite a bit of water.  Nice to walk through the delta formed by the river.


Apparently, a great place to camp out for a few days near the Mackinaw River.


As we traveled down the river, It’s nothing new to see barges self –disintegrating. I don’t understand why owners of these barges let this happen to the shore line.


We have noticed a few camping areas with launch ramps.  Apparently a good destination.  More sandy beaches.


I stared to laugh. I don’t know why I took this picture; but I like these hoists. I think that should be Bryce’s next thing to build when we get back home to hoist the toys out of the water.


Near Mile Marker 137 is an old Lock and dam. I would love to know some history on it but google didn’t have any. I will call it: the old 137 Lock.


Here is a dock for Tows and barges.


We were passed by several  Northbound Tows and barges yesterday. This one is the tow for the barge below. She is called the ERNA E. HONEYCUTT. From the Ingram Barge Co.


These are the barges she was pushing along the river. Do to the curve in the river it was to hard to get a photo in one shot.   She is pushing 15 barges.


Doesn’t George look miserable? We had to keep moving him to the shaded area out of the sun.


This is a photo of our anchorage at mile marker 121. We had several Northbound and Southbound Twos and barges pass us during the night. It is the coolest thing to see at night. We don’t see much of a wake but we do swing a bit in a half circle when they pass.  We don’t even know we are moving unless we are watching the tow go by.  I love it!


See our position and more photos at:


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