Cairo, Ill Ohio River to Hickman, KY Lower Mississippi

Our journey of the lower Mississippi started in Cairo on the Ohio River yesterday October 14, 2017. I was and still am a bit nervous of the unknown. However, It was pretty cool to see how the river widens and deepens. Our first night we anchored in a channel just off the Mississippi. I believe it is called Hickman because the town itself  is Hickman. There is no marinas but we can dinghy up to the boat launch and walk into town. That is are plan for the morning. We are about 40 miles from Cairo. It’s extremely windy all night and today 22 mph coming from the S turning NW. We also have rain in the forecast. But no glume & doom on this boat allowed!  Some friends of ours suggested this area through Active Captain.  Thanks Bill & Laura.. Did you know that 40 percent of the North America’s waterfowl and 60 percent of all birds species in the U.S. migrate along the Lower Mississippi River? Fun factSmile 

Here we are heading South on the Mississippi River for our first time. It really does widen up nicely.


More dry docks to work on tows.


This is a view of how wide the river is. Also did you know the Mississippi is the nation’s largest river and is the third longest in the world. It flows nearly 2,400 miles from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. This river also drains 33 states and two Canadian provinces.


There are numerous boat launch ramps along the banks of the river.  Typically, we see Local fishermen launch here.  I really don’t know if they are local but….LOL


So far the view here is just as beautiful as doing the Tenn-Tom.


What is the standard sizes of a barge you might ask? The standard is 195 feet long x 35 feet wide. Now they have updated barges that are 290 x 50 feet long. The newer barges double the carrying  load. That is just crazy big! They also draft 9 feet.

This tow is pushing 28 barges.


We saw this huge cross on the hill. It overlooks the river.


So far, I haven’t seen any difference in the tows or barges on the lower Mississippi compared to the upper.  But the river is considerably wider and deeper.


We heard a voice thanking on the VHF to someone on shore. Saying the passengers and crew enjoy their visit at Hickman.  It seems the American Queen docked at the ferry and they shuttled the passengers to Discovery Park of America near Union City TN.


This is a view of the cannel going into Hickman.  This is a great stop to anchor and get Groceries.  A large grocery store is 1.4 miles away down 94, then turn right at 1099.  Its not listed on google maps!


More grain I think. This barge is loaded.


As it was written in Active Captain we anchored just passed the Coastguard Station


Today we will explore Port Hickman. We are anchored Right across from here.


Thanks foe following us. Red rose

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