Mississippi River Mile Marker 809 to Osceola Mile Marker 783

What a restless day! I woke up a bit crabby and my mood stayed with me for part of the day. I think that is why we might have anchored a bit early.  After dropping off for the night, I slept soundly for about three hours, then it’s time to do something. LOL.. I whispered “Honey are you awake”  He squirms for a moment..”I am now!  What’s wrong?”  Nothing I just can’t sleep. He pulls the covers back over his head! So that is when I come out into the salon and gab to you all. It works well for me because I get out all the energy of talking through writing my blog.  Sometimes I talk a lot don’t I..LOL 

Hey, do you know how many barges are pushed by a tow?

The average tow has 15 barges, but flotillas can go up to 40 barges, depending on the type of cargo, the river segments being navigated, and the size of the towboat. We have seen the largest at 6 wide by 7 long or 42 barges.  The longest we saw was 8 barges long.  Smaller tributaries, such as the Alabama River, can support only a four-barge tow because of the meandering nature of the river and varying width of the river itself. In addition, the Alabama’s locks are only 84 feet wide and 600 feet long.  These are just some fun facts I read about and wanted to share with you.

This little guy came and tooted his horn. Bryce heard him on the VHF hale us “sailing vessel.” A southern voice came across “Just checking to see if  you all are okay.”  They must have been watching us… LOL.. we were inside most of the morning.  We thanked him for checking on us as he putted away.


OM Gosh…..more whirlpools. I always joke about getting sucked down into a new dimension… On the Mississippi; they have groynes under the water.  At narrow portions of the river or where the river runs along the shoreline we will often see whirlpools.  According to the web, the revolving current in the river maybe caused by the irregularities in the bottom of the river along with the meeting of the currents. Most whirlpools are not very powerful, but you do need to beware of them. We can feel the power of the small ones when we have to correct our steering.   I read this morning that in the Spring floods when the rivers are high, even the tows and barges have issues with large whirlpools.  Three barges apparently sank in 2011 due to the rushing waters and whirlpools during the quite violent spring floods.


This was one big log floating down stream.  It measured about 2 feet diameter and 15 feet long.


You can see three tows here but the river is so wide it’s not any big deal.  We one time passed between two tows on either side of the river.


This is an interesting looking area. I was trying to figure out what the huge clumps were. Maybe it’s just there from the spring floods.


We saw this house on the bank of the river. It’s the first home we have seen in a while.  They picked a nice area on the river to build.  I hope the spring flood doesn’t reach their home.


This boat ramp is just down from the house above.. .


Talk about color coordinating…Maybe the Captain is a woman..LOL Okay, I know men can coordinate color too..


Our tracks so far this trip. We have only been on this journey for 1 month and 3 weeks.  We will be in Memphis in a few days.

Last night we anchored at Mile Marker 783 at Keyes Point near Osceola. Our Latitude is 35.6558 Longitude –89.9129 The water depth is 13 feet and we have a 2 mph current with the water temp of 68 degrees. This wasn’t such a good place to anchor. Normally smooth, but as the larger tows passed we had some rocking.  Sometimes the gentle rolling helps me sleep; but of course with out the lullaby.. LOL Small tows along the shore were shuttling barges to/from the loading/unloading depots all during the night.  Sometimes they revved their engines in their battle with the 5 mph current.   We did not expect it would be so busy all night long!!

You can check out our tracks at www.trackmytour.com/35L17 


Joke Time

I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don’t know what he laced them with… But I have been tripping all day..Smile LOL

As always thanks for following usRed rose

2 thoughts on “Mississippi River Mile Marker 809 to Osceola Mile Marker 783

  1. Your travel on your sailboat Beauty looks like something you’ll remember forever. I’ve been following your blog and didn’t even think when I sent. that email, sorry. Are you and Bryce and your cat by yourself’s or is there someone else with you. Boy you are very brave to do something like that especially at this time of the year with the crazy weather we have been having. I wish you the best journey ever and thanks for all the information you send along with your pretty pictures. I think of you so often. Nancy

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