Mississippi River Mud Island Marina Memphis TN

Memphis TN

Our first day in Memphis at Mud Island Marina was cleaning the boat outside and inside. What a beautiful day it was. Coming down the river a few days ago we were passed by  “The Office” It is a 40 foot Carver owned by Bob & Kathy.  Bod had talked to Bryce on the VHF and they said they were coming here.  When we arrived at the dock, they were here to greet us. The staff here at Mud Marina are so very nice. We had to fuel up and pump-out and fill up our extra fuel and water tanks so we will be prepared for our next section of the river.  A few locals stopped by, I wish I could remember their names.  They came by to see our boat. They are in the market to get one.

In the later afternoon we were invited to a cookout here at the marina with the staff and their spouses and friends. We had such a nice time. After dinner Bob and Kathy invited us on board for a few cocktails. What a pretty boat they have.

As we passed under the bridge in Memphis I noticed a Tennessee welcomes you on the expressway. I guess they don’t welcome us by boat..LOL There wasn’t a sign hanging below the bridge.  


This was another 100 plus foot bridge clearance.


Here is Memphis; our view from the river.


We noticed Nina and Pinta reproduction boats moored in Memphis. 


And a couple of river boats were docked here.  This one is the Island Queen.


This poor little tow looks like it might have been used in a Bar-B-Q.


The Memphis queen  again.


As we continued down the harbor, there is a huge launch ramp and you can just see the marina on the left. These bridges are so tall there is nothing to worry about with a sailboat mast.


in 2011 the water depth reached to the top Orange marker  Must be 50 feet higher than current depth. Then in 2012 they had record low 10 feet lower than now and the boats were sitting in the mud.  These guys go from feast to famine eh??


Cook out time with new friends

Brad was a wealth of local information.  Alex Ertz, your friend wants to to stop in the next time you are doing the loop (do the lower Mississippi).


This is Jim, he likes to cook.  He is an Attorney..


Cereice & Chris and in the back ground; Glen and Bryce.


Glen is a mechanic here working on boats. 


Bob and Kathy what great host they are.  Thanks for the MartiniMartini glass


www.trackmytour.com35L17 We are slowly making our way down, enjoying the river.  We are going to spend a few days here.


As always thank you for following us. Red rose

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