Lower Mississippi Plaquemine Bend to Grand View Anchorage

What a crazy day in paradise… Bryce turned on the generator and within seconds we had to shut it down. At first thought maybe it was the belt. After Bryce went into the compartment He found out it was the capacitor. Thank goodness we had a spare.   Bryce took the day off work so we could get in 60 miles. We anchored in Grand View Anchorage with all types of freighters anchored with us.  We came into Grrandview anchorage two hours after dark.  Had a nice night-time cruise down the Lower Mississippi.

This was so cool I was coming up from the inside of the boat and noticed this vessel. It looks like a dredging vessel.


This was the view of our last pretty anchorage at Plaquemine Bend at Mile Marker 210.  This was an excellent deep water anchorage.  And we had no problem coming in after dark.


Just around the bend of the anchorage looks like they are building some thing. I was joking with Bryce and said they were building a marina…LOL


We passed a Ferry taking cars across the river.


A freighter,going north and a Tow & barge going south we are on the Left descending Bank out of their way.


Bryce said it was photo op time.  Beautiful day cruising the river.


This is an Army Corp of Engineers boat. They were checking water depth along the range marker channel.


This is a tug boat. They are used to push freighters around.  We are now seeing a number of these.


Here are a few locals out enjoying their day on their 4 wheelers and fishing.


We passed a couple of kayakers on the river again.  This guy was checking out his cell phone I think. While his partner was paddling ahead of him. Of course he also might of been looking at his GPS. LOL


This was our anchorage for the night in a designated anchorage.  Its called the Grandview Anchorage. But I have to laugh! You will see all kinds of barges and tows anchored almost anywhere on the river.


Thanks for following us!Red rose

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