New Orleans, SeaBrook Marina with Friends

I just can’t believe we are in New Orleans and all we have done is work on the boat.  We have met some nice people and have gone out for dinner a few times. We had to put a new macerator pump in. We rented a car and went shopping at Walmart.  We went to Sam’s Club to get our new batteries. We have had Amazon orders coming in every day and not any fun stuff. Today we are getting lifted out of the water to replace our prop shaft seal! We just had a lot of maintenance to do. Well the weather hasn’t helped either. We have had 25-30 mph winds and it has been darn right cold. Boy after reading this it sounds like I am complaining. I am not! Just must get things done. It’s funny; after spending a few days here, I really am ready to get back out.

Our old batteries were getting a bit old and one developed a shorted cell.  We had to buy 4 of these little guys. They are much lighter than the ones we had.  These are GC2 batteries.  They are suppose to be quite durable.


Port side to starboard: Ron, Karen and us at Pontchartrain Landing at the restaurant enjoying a night with good friends.  We spent three nights with these two and had a blast!


Karen and I started a conversation with the table behind us.   Port side to starboard Sue, Mike,Karen and me. Sue and Mike are traveling with their Airstream and our loving every minute of it. The are from CA


The Sauce Band started playing and of course we had to dance. It was a lovely night.


It was so funny, I was cooking bacon for BLT sandwiches for breakfast and George had his sniffer going. He could smell that bacon cooking.


Later that night after we retuned our batteries for the core, we decided to take a drive along the Levee system. When we noticed these little sailboats out for a race. The were headed back in. It was very windy I am surprised that they were out in 25 mph winds


This is Landry SeaFood House. We went in and had dinner. It was some of the best food we have had on this trip.  It overlooked Lake Pontchartrain.


We enjoyed a beer and dinner.


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