Sailing to Ducan Bay

Ducan Bay is a nice bay for anchorage.  Well protected except north east.  The 57 mile sail from Presque Isle was fast.. Averaging about 7.5 mph. But quite warm..  Had to break out the pool 

For those that don’t know.. Our boat is a 400 Catalina.. Thanks for the great boat Gerry Douglas.. Our boat designer who we talk to most every year at the Annapolis boat show..  Jane and her Calalina hat..


I single handed sailed off the hook from Presque Isle harbor while Jane cleaned up in the salon.  Leaving..

 This morning as every.. Took long hot shower.. We take in water from the lake.. Heat it and send it to a raw water shower in the bath.. A second fresh water shower to rinse if need be

Passed a tug boat on the way up.. 


2 thoughts on “Sailing to Ducan Bay

  1. I’m guessing you have another plan for showers once you hit salt water. You don’t want to take on salt water for a shower. Looks like another lovely day.

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