Sailing the Straits of Maackinaw

We woke up to thunder and lightning. The winds were 13 knots and gusting even higher. We knew the sails would have to be reef to the first reef. By Reefing the sails to the first reef would allow us to sail up to a max 40 knots wind. We had a 14 mile sail to get to the Mackinaw Bridge.

This photo shows what the sails look like reefed. 

Bryce enjoying sitting on the bow while sailing up to the bridge. Although the waves look small it is a misconception. 

 You can see the bridge behind us. Yes…I was cold. Under my sweatshirt is my life jacket… 
Lanny, this photo is for you…The Mighty Mackinaw…. After transferring to the Lake Michigan side, winds shifted to our bow, waves built, so we tacked to Northern Michigan shoreline


Took a short cut through the straits between Beaver Island and Michigan..  Finally hit close reach winds.. 

We are finally in Lake Michigan now👏🏼👏🏼⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️ this is our first sunset 


5 thoughts on “Sailing the Straits of Maackinaw

    1. Although the sky’s looked pretty. It was windy until we passed a point around 10 miles west of the bridge. Get this then we had rollers from the west! It made it a tad uncomfortable. Glad to hear you made the bridge walk. Love yah….


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