Anchorage in Harbor Springs Michigan

After the rollers of Lake Michigan, we finally motored into Harbor Springs. It was around 10:30 p.m a night without a moon. This has to be a sailors bad dream. Bryce had the GPS & radar on it showed all of these weirded spots that some looked like boats some dots well we could figure it out so off went the radar!!

We followed the big green light tower that marked the point of an island that we had to go around to anchor. As we motored around this point, rows of white lights laid on the water ( my heart was pumping fear) but I didn’t want to alarm him that I was very nervous. I went up on the bow with my life jacket on with my personal beakon  incase I fell overboard he could find me. 

My eyes searching the bay.. Bryce asking me if I see šŸ‘€ anything… All of a sudden my heart dropped.  “Bryce..,there is something out here I see things that look like little mines… Holy-schmolies where are we..I cannot see clearly!!!” I have to breath I cannot panic I kept telling “what do you see” Bryce asked. As we got closer, Boats are on those anchor balls, all over the place..

Well, we searched and ended up hooked up to one of those balls not knowing if it belonged to someone or not.. We were set, off went the engine. We looked at our book called Watetway Guide and found out the balls belonged to the city docks and we were ok…what a night.

The next morning I called into the harbor master to register our arrival on ball 23. “Yes. I see you the Catalina with the orange kayaks right.” His voice was so smooth spoken. Yes, that is right..are we ok or should we move? I asked but was thing dear god please let him say we can stay here.. “Nope you are fine. I am the only one here today do you have a dingy to come aboard he asked he also stated that they had a dingy dock. 

 Me sitting on the dock with dingy. Look at the town it just Beautiful… 
 It rained all 
This is a must see place if you are ever in the area Harbor Springs is a great little town with lots of shops and a mile or so walk up the hill to the local IGA..

 The harbor of Harbor Springs  
I recommen not coming into port at night

3 thoughts on “Anchorage in Harbor Springs Michigan

  1. Hopefully you don’t have another night docking like that! Crummy day with the nasty weather, but I see you made the best of it, and enjoyed the walk uptown. Be safe. Love you guys!

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  2. Harbor Springs is also a lovely place for bicycling! The tunnel of trees is right outside of town. And skiing! Nubs Nob and Boyne Highlands are very close – I’m surprised with your skiing that you’ve never been there before! And the underwater crucifix is right there in the bay near Petoskey.


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