Northport Michigan

We sailed from Harbor Springs to Northport it was only to be a 35 mile sail. Winds averaged 15 to 25 knots according to our wind instruments and GPS. It took us 10 hours to sail to this point. We wanted to go to Charlevoix Michigan but the weather didn’t allow us to. We would have had to wait for a bridge to open and that would have not been feasible for the type  of wind.

This is me sitting on the windward side of beauty rough Lake Michigan 

We had another moonless night as we came into anchorage around 11:00 p.m again. It was a bit chilly this morning as we set on the bow having our morning coffee. We were able to see a few sailboats go out for a day sail. 

We took the dinghy into shore and took a walk through town. I had a bag of returnable bottles that I needed to dispose of so off to town we went. Northport is a small quaint town with some of the nicest people. We parked the dinghy and started to walk into town. The first sight a caboose. We met the gentleman who restored this caboose, and  Bryce asked him if it was a place of business and the man replied no it’s a home what a beautiful site (home) it was. 

 Bryce if front of the caboose  
Of course there is nothing  like have ice cream. 

This Ship is the  Manitou out of Traverse City. They brought the ship in and tied it to shore.

OK who’s to say 30 years of marriage and there’s no romance well, I’m here to tell you there’s plenty of romance after 30 years. To be honest, I feel like I’m more in love today than when I was 30 years ago.


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