Ludington Michigan

Although it was bit nerve racking the day we pulled into Pere Marquette Lake (which is inside Ludington harbor), our stay there was relaxing and challenging. It is amazing that there seems to be so many fishermen on Lake Michigan. Even though Lake Michigan has been very rough, the fishermen don’t give up. Inside the harbor they form circles and chase each other tails. If you miss the big one, the boat behind you might catch it. 🚤 

We anchored at the Southeast corner of the lake Pere Marquette Lake. We anchored in 20 feet of water. Bryce put out a 100 feet of chain and 100 feet of anchor line. Early Saturday morning around 3:30 we were awoken by the movement of Beauty doing circles and the wind howling at 30 knots and gusts much higher, our anchor let loose. Bryce went up on deck in the gusting winds and pulled in the anchor. I took control of the engine. It was dark… We couldn’t see a thing it was to dangerous to go into a marina. Thank GOD for GPS we made a cookie crumb trail like this ………………….and went back & forth until daylight. NOAA predicted gale force winds on Lake Michigan so we took a slip in the Municipal Marina. 

This is what it looked like for  3 hours to us. 

Okay, enough drama..Saturday became a wonderful day in the afternoon. We love ice cream The House of Flavors is always a must for us when we visit Ludington. 

My sweater matches the colors in the house of flavored   
The Badger coming back into port from Wisconsin 


 Bryce standing by a prop.  A bit too big for Beauty..

Enjoying an afternoon walk


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