Muskegon Michigan

We arrived at the entrance of Muskegon off Lake Michigan. What a Beautiful day we had on Lake Michigan. ( bet you never thought I would write that). After anchoring, Bryce dinghyed in to shore and picked up our youngest son Justin and his family. It’s totally amazing when you anchor out and you hear the voice of one of your children. This area  brings back memories to us. We used to bring our children here when they were younger camping. Some of the great sites to see WWII submarine, the USS Silversides at the Great Naval Memorial & Museum. The State Park is a nice place for anyone who wants to camp. We anchored out near the Hartshorn Municipal Marina.  We have forgotten how big Muskegon Lake is. 

This is our youngest son Justin with his wife Tera, son Evan and daughter Bailey…aren’t they cute😉

Justin and Tera concerned for our safety, took it upon themselves and presented us with a gift…  They know we will still go into anchorage at night and we didn’t have a spotlight to help see👀 what a thoughtful gift…we cannot Thank you enough. Love you all 

Thanks for bringing our new solar panels to us too🙆🏻

George is loving sailing he found one of his spots to set on his towel.

A pretty sunset with the stillness  of sails anchored in the background 

It was a chilly morning Bryce had to turn on the heat.


4 thoughts on “Muskegon Michigan

  1. Great visit with the kids! So glad you were able to get together with them. George looks so content. I bet he’s happy because he gets to spend all day, every day with his dad and mom.


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