Anchored out At Scherer Island Ottawa Il

Asian carp sighting:  This may sound silly, but I now understand why they are giving carp Electric shock therapy. While anchored here near the Island. We had to call a few marinas to see if they carried diesel and if the water level was deep enough for us to enter. Yes, they have diesel but we cannot go in the water level is too low. Bryce took the 5 gallons cans in by dinghy a few time and filled up the boat and we carry 10 gallons extra on deck. While he was at the  Heritage Harbor Marina he watched the most amazing thing happen. The DNR were stirring up Asian carp. They were jumping & flipping some even looked as if they could be flying.  They were pretty silver color. The DNR had a net catching them. The noise from powerboats stir up the carp. I have read that some boaters have been hurt quite badly with broken legs head trauma ect…we do not want these in the Great Lakes. But of course no photo. I will post some pictures of them at next sighting. 

This is the DNR stirring up the carp

Bryce headed off to get diesel. The winds are gusting at 19 miles an hour so I am staying in case one of the anchors drag then I would have to pull it up and start the engine.   Fortunately, no problems.

 While anchored we were passed by with a South bound tugboat & tow. She is huge!

This is a North bound tugboat & tow. It just amazes me how long they are.  


We finally made it to shore. The winds lightened up a bit, so we were able to enjoy an hour relaxing on the shore and toes in the warm sand.   Notice bumpers on the side of the boat for protecting Beauty during locking.  We dingyed into Ottawa to get groceries just prior to this.


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