Motoring from Ottawa to Hennepin Island

What a day! It started out smooth. Bryce changes the oil in the generator while I straighten up the inside of Beauty. We watched several tows go by. Honeycutt played tagged with us a few times yesterday. Finally we had to get our day moving, we pulled up anchor and headed down River.

 Honeycutt pushing 15 tows (barges) 3 wide by 5 long

After pulling up anchor I took my turn driving Miss Beauty 

Starved Rock

 We had 10 miles before the next set of locks (Starved Rock Lock). I called ahead to let the lock master know of our arrival  in about an hour. He replied back and said he had a triple tow going down and a double tow coming up and it would be 3 hours before we could get a lift down.  When we arrived there we were to anchor off the yellow concrete mooring. For about 2 1/2 hours we just fought the wind and just paced back and fourth staying out of any barge traffic. But there wasn’t any.

We announced to the lock master of our arrival. Once again he stated he wanted us on that concrete mooring. That thing was so huge! We docked up to it. Then he stated he wanted us on the other side of it! Now, let me remind you that winds were gusting at 26 miles an hour. We were not happy boaters but we switched sides.

 This was just to BIG for us to tie upon! But we did?

So they finally called for us to enter the lock. I am making it sound easy but in reality I was biting my nails! As we backed away from this mooring the 2×6 in front of our bumpers got jammed in the grooves on that darn concrete mooring! Yes it came off on one side. I was able to reach my arm down before we lost it and held on to it. After Bryce got us straighten out I drove into the locks and he was able to fix the 2×6 and bumpers. 

 We entered the locks👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

We are now tied up to the bollard and I have my hook in hand.

 We are going down….down….This lock takes us down 19 feet and is 110 x 600 and is a single chamber 

Yep… Going down all is good. Right! Never count your chickens before they hatch!

When the doors to the lock opened we were shocked that there was a three tow badge waiting to get in the the issue was they barely left room for us to get out! We had to go motor to there Port side (left) to motor out. I could darn near shake hands with the attendant on the bow. Just glad it’s over for now. 73 miles to the next one. 

 Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge  
Two tows that are run to ground looks like they are left there to rust away. I think that’s shame😢

 We are passing a marina & gravel and sand industry area in Peru Illinois 

Building of new concrete and steel moorings

We passed Honeycutt again.  
Hennepin Island where we anchored. It was a muddy bottom and held is tight ⚓️


4 thoughts on “Motoring from Ottawa to Hennepin Island

  1. Wow those locks must be scary if you meet boats with little room to get around them otherwise the locks are very cool. I was fascinated by the Soo Locks.


  2. Sounds like it’s crazy busy on the river. I thought maybe Sharmin and Gary would’ve caught up with you somewhere in Illinois. You’ve been posting great pictures. Thanks for all the information, too. I didn’t realize that you have to tie up in the locks. Hopefully you get into some warmer weather and wide open spaces soon. It’s probably a bit warmer there than here though. Are those electric shock areas effective in controlling those Asian carp?


    1. We haven’t heard from Sharmin. It would have been nice. I am not sure if electric shock is helping or not but we can see why it is so important to keep them out of the Great Lakes. The weather has been in the low 60’s here. Love you


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