Hennepin Island to Peoria 

Windy yet still a beautiful morning. After sipping on a few cups of coffee, we decided it was time to pull up anchor and began our day. I just cannot get over how this river twist and turns. We are actually seeing small white caps on the river today. The industry of small town jobs seem to add a flavor along the riverfront. It has been 5 weeks now on this journey of ours and I must say I feel like the luckiest person to be able to experience life like this. One of my favorite tv shows growing up as a child was the series Tammy. She lived on an old beat up house boat with her grandfather. I’ve always wanted to see what that would be like in real life and I must say, I have had a great taste of that life and it’s just amazing. We have seen a lot of tows again today. Sometimes they will answer your call while trying to find out what side they want to to pass on. Bryce, called ahead to this tugboat “Leo G” and a deep southern voice comes across the VHS “Try the green bouy side” that was different, normally we get Starboard or Port or RDB  Right descending bank or LDB Left descending bank. We just laughed and took the starboard side.  We figured out why he wanted us on the green Bouy side; it was a bit shallow. We saw the depth go to 6.5  feet it.. we draw 5.5 feet.

As we were looking around at the awesome views, Bryce pointed out this Bald Eagle with its bambino 


This river view shows how pretty our daily motoring is. The nun shape cone means red right return. When you are returning you keep the red nun on your right and the green barrel on your left of course it’s the opposite in our direction.

This is a sand gravel pit they were loading up the tows.

This is a loading or even a unloading dock for tows (barges) 


These are barges waiting for their tugboat (tow)
Looks like this would be a great camping area along the river

Okay, these people are really ready for the spring flooding awesome house on stilts. Cool light house too..

Now this is a duck blind. They pull up like a drive through window. 

The Leo G that we passed

Pelican..we saw what we thought was an island of sea gulls but they were Pelicans how cool…

Pulling into Peoria the carp were flipping onto the dock as we pulled in.. 

To be continued…….Peoria Illinois 

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