Peoria Illinois 

What an amazing night! As the wind blew across are bow in search for an anchorage spot, we noticed a marina. It’s Detwiller Municipal Marina. Unfortunately, we were told the depth was only 4feet. The manager of the marina suggested we go under the I74 bridge to the city docks and they would have free dockage for us for the night. It would be close to restaurants and shops. As we were pulling up to the wall to doc a man was standing there to help us. I couldn’t help but noticing the carp jumping out of the water. I looked over at the guy helping us when I realized it was Bill a gentleman who we had met a few days prior along with his wife Laura and their friends Greg & his wife Peggy. After we were safely docked up Bill was telling us they would be going out for dinner in a while and we are welcome to join them. Then we found out that another couple we met at the same time would be joining  us too Chris & Stephanie. We started our evening out with Bill & Greg at the John S Rhodell Berwery and joined the rest of the group at Kelleher’s Irish Pub & Eatery. It was a very nice dinner and walk with new friends. 

(Top) Greg, Bill, Laura, Peggy 

(Top) Greg, Bryce, Jane, Chris, Stephanie 

This is the floating docks where we are anchored. Joe’s Crab Shack is up on the waterfront park

Liberty Park just up the steps from where we are anchored

Bayou Gypsy is a cruiser. Pretty boat that belongs to Bill & Laura Borchert they have been cursing since 2012

It a good thing I loaded that cart on Beauty. I knew it would come in handy one day. There was no water hook up. Chris showed Bryce where to go for water it took several trips but she is full now. 

6 gallon cans and it took 8 trips. Look how dirty Beauty’s bow is getting from this water. I cannot wait to get into clean water to give her a bath.

I am standing up in Liberty park looking down at Beauty. 

Not only was there no water but we had to walk over the Bob Mickel Bridge to get Diesel and groceries from Walmart. Actually it was a nice walk. Just a small breeze today. 

After, we relaxed with a local brew.

We stopped in at the New Amsterdam Bar & Restaurant for a cool down and a light appetizer

B-Line 1975 Chris is really enjoying her. Chris & Stephanie are headed to Cuba.  Poor Stephanie isn’t feeling well so she is resting.  Hope you feel better soon. 

2 thoughts on “Peoria Illinois 

    1. Good morning Sheryl,
      Thanks for reading our blog. You are so right, we do take advantage of how easy our life’ are when it comes to water, fuel. This journey is teaching us a lot. Love you! Have fun at the wedding.


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