Leaving Peoria to Anchor just past Havana

Continuing on our journey from Peoria proved to be interesting. We decided to tag team up with Chris and Stephanie. They too are motoring through the rivers with their sailboat. The view just continues to amaze me. Our lock for the day was called the Peoria lock. We only went down 7 feet to meet the next river. The lock was again 110 x  600 at mile 157.6 but this time they had us hold their lines instead of ours. We didn’t tie the line to the boat we had to hold on to it as we dropped down. It wasn’t all that bad, but our winds have dissipated. 

This is a plant on the river banks of Peoria 

It’s around 7:20 am dock master wants us at the locks by 8:00 am so we were able to get a great view of plant.

Just me (Jane) holding onto the line that they provided for us.

Workers loading a barge. It looks like they are loading salt. 

Another plant love the tall towers. Looks like power plant.

Storage for coal or coal waiting to be loaded? 


Barges being loaded and waiting for their tow to push them away to the new destination.


It’s a shame to think people don’t care about our rivers and they leave stuff here to rust away.

We found an old lock probably from the 1800’s the dam is gone of course too. You can still see the lock wall.

This direction you can see the whole outline of the lock. I think it’s pretty cool. The water is still 10 feet near this lock. It would make for great anchorage.   
Unfortunately our friends wanted to tie up to the city wall in Havana. Chris called ahead and spoke with a person in concern of the water depth. They reported 6 feet 11 inches. As he found out they really didn’t know what they were talking about. As they approached the wall they hit bottom. Come to find out it was only 5 feet. It took a bit but he was able to break loose. They followed us to an anchorage place.
This is where we anchored. What a beautiful view. Chris and Stephanie were able to take Dozer their black lab for a walk.

We watched barges go by.  It was another big one. 

This is the tow. She reminds me of a houseboat.  

During the night as you are trying to sleep they shine there spotlights on your boat so they don’t hit us.  They typically have two huge lights shining towards the front and often side lights like this siding towards the banks.


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