Mississippi River meets Illinois river

Our stay here in Grafton was short but delightful… We didn’t get to see a lot but what we did see was awesome. The Grafton Marina attendants were so helpful right from the start. We pulled in with a 7 foot depth that was perfect. They also loaned us their courtesy van to go to Waltmart grocery shopping. We had to put 15 dollars in the gas tank but we felt that it was well worth it. After 3 hours of dealing with groceries and another few hours putting stuff away. I needed to do laundry. I love having a washer and dryer but it’s all in one and takes a day to catch up on everything. I finally went to sleep at 2 a.m. We really wanted to head down to Mel Price Locks is at mile marker 201 and the Chain of Rocks is at 185 I will continue this portion for the next post.  

This is Grafton and the Grafton Marina. They placed us along the side of the first covered boat slip.

We are tied up for the night. 

“The Big Kahuna” is the bar & grill above the marina store. We had an Illinois style supreme pizza. It was mighty delicious🍕🍕

We really like this sign. lol 

This mirror is neat too.

After lunch, we made it to the post office. Nancy was so nice she even called us early that morning to let us know Bryce’s package had arrived.

Our first car ferry on the Illinois River


Red solo cup… We love it!
Get ready….We see👀 the Mississippi River and where it meets the Illinois River.


As most of you know Bryce loves to buy me flowers aren’t they Beautiful 😍😍😍 


5 thoughts on “Mississippi River meets Illinois river

  1. I have spent most of my life on the Mississippi River I grew up in Rock Island and Davenport Iowa area Sunset Marina is where I am located however I am ready to take a trip to the Illinois River up to Chicago and the Lakes area I’m researching stops time fuel excetera what is a long life dream to do this any input or any ideas about what to do before I leave and the journey please let me know what would or should be something to look out for any input is very seriously greatly appreciated any of you that are out there boating be safe and enjoy the riverways we are lucky to have them for to enjoy the scenery is so awesome it can’t be explained


    1. Thanks for reaching out to us John. As you probably know fuel & current will be your most concern. You will probably see some Debris as far as anchorages go, I logged our anchorages and the Marinas we stopped at on

      You are so right about the view. It always takes my breath away.
      Safe journey
      Jane & Bryce


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