Headed to Grafton Illinois 

Only 14 miles to Grafton.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Mississippi here we come. We are using Waterways guide books for reference and every time it says the depth at a marina there is a conflict in measurement. Grafton is supposed to be 9 feet. I called the marina the man said 7 feet. Oh well, it’s just one of those things you have to adjust to and whether or not you are cursing in the Spring or Fall. I am sitting here in the cockpit looking around as Beauty slowly moves with the breeze and sipping my morning coffee☕️. You really haven’t heard me say one of the 4 letter words so I’ll say it…. There is a 10% chance of RAIN ☔️ today. The way the clouds are looking we will be in that 10%. Yesterday, was a beautiful day motoring across the river high 84 with sunshine☀️. However, looking so forward to getting our sails back up.  I know it still going to be a while, but the closer we get to Mobile Alabama the sooner she will get put back together. ⛵️

Okay, it’s photo time from the Illinois River from mile marker 48 to mile 12.5 FYI: if you are motoring from Calumet or Chicago along your travels you will notice little white signs either in the tree lines or hanging on a buoy.  They do look like home address.  Your GPS should be able to confirm the mile marker. 

This is a photo that shows we are anchored between mile marker 11& 12 and we are being passed by a tow the little triangle named Joyce Hale. The e didn’t show up. The mile makers indicate the number of miles before the Mississippi and the Illinois rivers meet.


This is a real photo of Joyce Hale 

I just wanted to show you one more picture of a mile marker hanging on a buoy, however you will normally see them in the tree lines.  It is mile marker 19


OM! Wouldn’t this make for a cool murder mystery on Halloween 🎃


  We passed a small town call Hardin on the river. Maybe they a getting reading for a remaking of a special event. 

We are starting to see a few cliffs along this river. Our view is starting to change.  

I think you can tell my this photo the river has widen a bit. We are passing by The City of Redwood  Tow.

2 thoughts on “Headed to Grafton Illinois 

  1. Wow! You’re zooming down through the states! Wondering how long it will take you to make the trip north again. Maybe you’ll decide on a different route back. It’ll be great when you are able to put your sails up again. I’m jealous of your warm weather. We had snow flurries yesterday. 😦 boo hoo.

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    1. Hello my friend, yes we will be coming home through the Erie Canal. We are in Kentucky now🙋🏻 it’s chilly here at 62 during the day and I’m the 40’s at night. Hope to see no snow or ice…love you


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