Leaving the LaGrange Locks down the Illinois River

Soon the time will come and I will no longer be saying the Illinois River. We should be in Grafton Illinois tomorrow around 50 miles from here. We had a great day yesterday but in certain areas it was busy with tows. If you are into anchoring you are sure to find some great spots after the LaGrange locks on the Illinois. This first photo is taken shortly after we anchored just past the lock. Bryce sat on the bow watching the huge tows push the barges in. This tow couldn’t get all the barges in at one time. So it had to go through in pieces.  I wonder how they get the barges out without the help of its tow?  Something pulls them through.  These locks did not have a tractor like the monster locks.


OM! As we pulled up anchor and started to motor down the river we started seeing Illinois river sand dunes.😅😅😅😅😅

Look👀👀 at this the little tow it is pushing barges in to the bigger tow to lock them into place…so cute!

This is a barge loader. I know you might be tired of seeing this kind of photo but it is cool.

Ok, we were having a debate…is this a restaurant or something else. They sure don’t  advertise if they want business on the riverside    


I read in the waterway guide that 30% of the world’s grain passes through the Mel Price Lock. 

This looks like a grain being loaded🍞🍻

Isn’t this the cutest baby tow you’ve ever seen? Lol it’s looking for a barge to push.

Two sweethearts fishing together 😘💨

This is a 15 barge tow passing us as we take the kayaks off the boat.

 Look I cannot believe I acually see cows. Boy they are in a perfect spot for water.
Okay this is goodnight we went for a kayak ride. It was just fabulous 🙋🏻🌸



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