A Flash Back of Our Route and Going Forward 

We thought some of you might want to see where we have been. All of the red dots are way points where we have either anchored ⚓️ or  docked. We are really happy that we chose this route. Despite all the rumors of low water we decided to take the challenge and go for it. We started in Lake St. Clair, headed to Lake Huron, Lake Michigan to the Calumet River, Sag, Illinois River where we are now. On the average the water depth is 14 feet. However, getting into a marina on these rivers has not been a great success. We do call ahead to see what the water depth is and it’s always too shallow to take Beauty in. Bryce takes the dinghy into the marinas get diesel or water. We enjoy anchoring, so for us it’s no big deal not to get a slip it also saves on money. We need 6 feet to be comfortable and norally it’s 4 feet in the marinas? In Joliet and Ottawa they had city docks that we could use and they were free. This coming week we are planing on getting a slip in Grafton Illinois. I am going to do some heavy duty grocery shopping.  We have gone about 1200 miles: 900 in the Great Lakes and about 300 in the Illinois waterways. 

We will be entering the Mississippi River in a few days.. About 50 miles.. Grafton is where the Illinois River, Missouri River and Mississippi River meet. Now, I have read that the three rivers flows quite heavy going through a Chain of Rock Canals and then past the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. This trip is getting even more exciting. We only have two locks on the Mississippi the Melvin Price and the Chain of Rocks then the Ohio River.

We just want to thank each and everyone of you who take time out of your own busy schedule to read our blog. 


2 thoughts on “A Flash Back of Our Route and Going Forward 

  1. Jane this Michael Johnson one of your FitBit Challenge buddies. Your trip isn’t very far along and I’m already super excited in reading what you’ve shared!!!! Can’t wait to read more 😉

    One way to get some steps in while on the boat is to get one of those little floor cycles that people use for rehabilitation after knee surgery. I have one that I keep under my desk and I can peddle it while working.


    1. That sound great., but we just don’t have a lot of extra room on this boat. However, you never know what I will end up with👍🏼 I am glad you are reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it.


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