KingFisher Marina Demopolis

We arrived in Demopolis on Monday night but decided to anchor in Rattlesnake River for the night. It was a very peaceful night. After a tiring day of losing Bruce.  We anchored in about 20 feet of water.


You are not going to believe this. Twenty seven locks and only one more to go and we will be in Mobile Alabama where we will getting our mast put back up. 213 more miles! Demopolis Locks makes our 27th lock.

We we spent two nights in KingFisher Marina. It was great.  We were the talk of the marina the night prior as four cruisers had passed us and noticed the tree hanging off our bow… when we lost Bruce.  An entourage from the previous night was here at the dock below to great us when we pulled up.  We all had a great laugh.


We put our name on the list to use the courtesy car on Wednesday. When I woke up, I took our bedspread to the laundry room and did a few loads. I didn’t realize anyone was in the restroom and I wore my headphone and started dancing around the room when a lady walked in. I was so embarrassed she said not to be and did a few dace moves herself. 💃🏼 I did continue to dance because I love to dance when I clean.

We used the courtesy car to go into town.  Demopolis has pretty much every store and restaurant you could imagine.  One of the best towns we have come to for supplies. Although we will have to wait till Mobile to get an anchor. Bryce took me into Pizza Hut for lunch; it was really good.  We didn’t have a lot of supplies to pick up.

It seems to rain every morning without the weather man knowing because the last two mornings it has rain with a 0% chance. ☔️

KingFisher Bay Marina is a great marina and still being developed. You can see the dredger sand (orange) Pile behind the boats. Oh my..we ran into Steve & Judy again. A couple we met earlier along with a bunch of new people who we hope to see again. We had a peaceful stay here.


We asked for the end docking because it is much easier with the mast stretching across the boat.  Plus we got to gab with all the other Transients.


This huge dock is another transit dockage when the main fingers get full. Or if you are not nice this is where they put you LOL!!


This is me by the rose garden.  They also had a pool that I did not use as the weather was a bit cool.


Me & Terry. This is Terry he is your guy if you need anything while staying in the marina and Matt is the guy you want at the fuel dock. Terry and his wife live here at the marina on their 60 foot house boat.  Call him on channel 11.  He responds instantly.


Dale & Joy are live aboard (transit boaters) they are staying here until they decide it is time to move on. we enjoyed talking with them.


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  1. I’m really enjoying reading your blog and looking at your photos what a fantastic time you were having thanks for taking me along with you Via your stories

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