Putting along the Tenn-Tom

Another day goes by as we putt along the river. Before we left Demopolis, we hailed the lock master to let him know we were on our way. He said he had a southbound tow coming through so it would be an hour before he could get us through the lock. We headed to the lock. It was only three miles away; so we just putted at three miles an hour.  As we approached the lock, a northbound power boat was coming out and we were instructed to enter the lock after the pleasure craft passed us.

We connected to the third bollard on the wall


The lock master came over to chat during our 40 feet descent. He was full of information. He suggested a few stops to us and a good place for dinner so we will check them out today.  I thanked him for his kindness and he said its always ways nice when they get good people through the locks. I smiled up at him and said “aren’t all people nice?” He replied back and said that their are a number of rude people that are incredibly impatient. In fact we are regulated by government rules that determine when we can let pleasure boats through. “Why are people anyways in a hurry?” he asked.


As we were pulling out of the lock the man hailed us on the VHF and said he noticed we like to take pictures…LOL Check out the view as you leave the lock behind you. It’s pretty spectacular. I had to reach-back out to him and thank him.


You can see the lock, dam and waterfall are right next to each other.  The dam has no gates, so the water pours over it, then rushes over this small waterfall. The lock looks so small when I looked behind us.


As we headed down river we passed several tows & barges I still think they are pretty to look at.


More industrial along the waterfront


What a tall bridge.. this is US Highway 80.


We could see two piles of what looked like wood chips coming off the elevators. At some point in time a barge will stop here and fill up with the chips.


This is the first time we actually see waves where the Sucarnochee River met this river.  It would have been fun to kayak this.


We anchored well within the green buoys on a shallow inside corner (8 feet) just off a beach near mile 192.  Tows tend to move slowly in this area as it is so twisty.  So we did not get any wave action from them.


Our evening skies cast a nice reflection on the shoreline across from where we are anchored.  We watched a beaver swim across the river in front of us.  It was only a small speck in the water.


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