Foggy Morning Friday

Waking up on Friday morning the 13th to a bit of fog in the air. It was chilly; only 47 degrees.  I was joking with Bryce and reminded him that it was Friday the 13th. He responded by telling me not to remind him. LOL My day seem to fly-by. I had a list of things to accomplish and completed all. Our mast goes up this Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Turners Marina. We are so excited; Beauty is once again going to look like a sailboat.  Chanda, the lady who works at the marina even contacted the owner of the Turner Marina and set me up with an hair appointment on Friday.💇🏼 and scheduled me with the courtesy car.  What service! Looking forward to next Thursday 19th of Nov.


We have noticed an increase in tow traffic; not much, but enough.


A bit of History:  At Mile marker 165 is Eureka Lodge. in Choctaw County. There seems to be some shadows of the past along the riverfront. Perhaps many years go the Captains of Tows (Tugboats) would stop their vessels at these lodges to sleep for the night. Navigation back then was nothing like today.


It seems like it took all day to warm up. Here we are in the south I am dressing like a snow-women


Pulling into anchorage at dust can be tricky. Even though the depth gage says 15 feet we need swinging room. Bryce took the dinghy out to check the depth with his 10 foot paddle.

IMGP6551 IMGP6554

This is a photo of our anchorage once daylight approached before we pulled up anchor for the day on Saturday morning. We anchored behind the red buoy at mile 146.5 for protection from the barges traveling at night.


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