Our walk through St. Petersburg

Wow…Talk about taking your breath away. As we were only a few miles away from The St. Petersburg Municipal marina, I was looking into the water. At first I thought someone dropped a pad of paper into the water because papers were floating around us. I went back and told Bryce look at all that paper. He looked down and said Beauty that’s not paper; those are sting-rays. I don’t ever recall seeing any before; but I am sure that I must have. Pretty-cool. I went back up and set on the bow to see if I could see any other interesting things. I looked at my phone. I was happy to be near internet again.  I clicked  on my FB notifications Bryce your not going to believe this… I was just invited to Women Who Sail breakfast on Saturday from Sailing @ Cruising on FB. He said I should go even without thinking about it. I just might.

My photo of the paper floating


We arrived at the Marina’s diesel dock. we knew we were getting really low. She took 36 gallons of fuel and she has a 40 gallon tank. The young man at the pump asked if we were staying here. I explained that I didn’t know. We needed a reservation and that their reservation team hadn’t called me back yet.  He asked the length of our boat and how long we would be staying. I went on and gave him all info. The next thing I know we were greeted very nicely  by a very nice guy who gave us two options. He explained to us that this is a busy week due to the Saint Petersburg boat show and all the activities  on on this weekend in St. Petersburg. We got a slip!! I think because we are here for a week.

Look at the salt film on the enclosure; it looks dirty so it must get clean.


What a difference in temps we have gone from the 30-40 at night to 70’s Bryce hasn’t stopped smiling yet!  We had been running the heater in Pensacola.  Now we are running the air conditioner in Saint Petersburg.

We have a date night to night👏🏽 well we were so tired after docking up I passed out and slept until the next morning. On our adventure over here our generator belt broke so after Bryce was done working we went for a 5 mile walk to the auto part store and they didn’t even have the belt! LOl We must of just needed the walk. Some of you might not know this but a few weeks ago I broke my toe. The baby one. It still looks like a balloon. I had to remove my shoes to finish our walk. It better get better fast I have a lot of walking to do👟


Our view as we walked out of the marina, We can walk to everything. Food stores and lots of shopping.

We stopped for breakfast at Cassis what a great way to start a day. The lovely lady sitting behind us holding her granddaughter is Barbara. We enjoyed talking to her and her husband Dave and daughter Emily. They are boaters too and were a wealth of information to us. Thanks for sharing with us Dave & Barbara.


I found this tree very interesting.


Oh my…every where we looked on the ground in front of us and along the fences were lizards.  This guy stopped and posed for us.


Look even this bird is checking out what hotel to stay at.  The marina has a park within it that is quite cool.  At over 600 slips, this is a big marina.

Our view of Beauty from the fuel docks & the entrance to the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina. Fisherman were dropping nets and pulling up a net full of something.

George has a new friend.  This is Ringo, the marina cat.  Be sure to stop and say hello to him!


Date Night

A walk through the Christmas lights in St. Petersburg

The lights are so beautiful & now I am missing our grandchildren.


We stopped to have a beer on our way back to Beauty at Frescos restaurant just outside the marina. It looks odd but see the face in the sail mast? That is our waiter taking our oder.

3 thoughts on “Our walk through St. Petersburg

  1. If you are just in St Petersburg on the third you still have a ways to go. Are you going around the keys or coming through lake Okeechobee?? I see you think you will be on the Atlantic side in the Spring which is still a few months away. We wish you luck no matter where you are and have enjoyed reading about your trip. You are brave souls don’t know if I could do it…By the way Jack said why don’t you get a couple of bikes it would make life easier than walking everywhere, I told him maybe you like to walk and it keeps you slim and trim, LOL. Take care and enjoy yourselves. Safe travels

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Brenda. Yes, we are going down to the keys, then Bahamas then back up to the Atlantic side to the Erie Canal. We have our bikes with us. I do love walking too. I use a Fitbit to count my steps and I am in a lot of challenges to make my goal every day even on the boat. I play the WII bowling and we stepping to help me reach my goal. Keep in touch.


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