Sarasota Bay

What an amazing morning, the weather is perfect for us today. I took my coffee up on bow while Bryce finished up working. I couldn’t believe the view as I sipped my coffee; I watched the dolphins pass by us. They always make me giggle. We have heard several people talk about the abandoned boats anchored off the shorelines in Florida. I am not sure if this is an abandon; but no one came to it in 24 hours and windows appear broken out of it. Actually, there are three boats that looked deserted. I wonder; if a boat is truly abandoned, are they up for grabs? And if so how does one know for sure? I guess that is a story within its self!

After Bryce finished up we took a dinghy ride into the shore. It sure was pretty. The Manatee River sure is nice. Our anchorage was near the Emerson Point Park; our water depth was 10 feet. Across the bay from us was De Soto National Memorial. We could see many sailboats anchored there also.

The clock is ticking so if we were going to pull up the hook. It was that time. So I batten down the hatches and off we went.  We decided to take a slow relaxing cruise down the ICW rather than a 60 mile passage in the gulf. The ICW Channel is a bit narrow in places. There really is no room for errors sense there is only a few feet of water off each side of the channel.  On the other hand, it is well marked.  We were passed by this fishing boat that was headed into Tampa Bay. IMGP7652

We had our first opening bridge to wait for on the ICW Anna Maria Island Bridge. She opens on the signal except at 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Anna Maria Island Bridge opens on the hour and every twenty there after. Opens Jan 15 to May 15 6:00 to &:00 p.m. on the half hour. We called a head on the VHF and spoke with the Bridge master and he was so nice. After all the Locks we’ve been through it seemed odd to wait for a bridge. LOL

Just hop-skip and a sail was our next bridge Cortez Bridge. You could see it from the Anna Maria Island Bridge. There are boats anchored on the East side and West side of the bridge. Also looks like two marinas too. We watched the jet skiers wishing we had ours with us while waiting for the bridge to open.IMGP7667

This is one of the marinas near the bridge. The bridge opened and we passed through. The bridge master waved to us as we passed through the Cortez Bridge.

The channel had a great view of homes and boats passing by.

As soon as we anchored for the night, we jumped into the dinghy before sunset to see the Mangrove trees or shrubs. Their roots are out of the water. Mangroves trees are salt-water tolerant trees they live in harsh coastal conditions. I find them interesting. The view was just so neat. It looks like a maze built with Mangrove shrubs.

There is another sailboat anchored near us. Ken & Kari they are sailing on a Hunter 37. They seem like a very nice couple. We are going to visit with them again tomorrow.


We are both anchored in 10 feet of water just where the channel widens up to the Sarasota Bay.

Have a great day everyone.

3 thoughts on “Sarasota Bay

  1. It looks like you are getting close to us. Give a call when you get near Marathon, Florida. We’d love to be to meet up with you.
    -Sally ( Jim’s sister) and Bill Cherry
    Jim has my contact number or email.

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    1. Sally, we are in Marathon. Going to stay for a few weeks. If you would like to meet for lunch we would love to visit with you two. 586-536-0068 is my cell number. Happy New Year😊


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