Little Sarasota Bay Following the GICW

What a ray of Sunshine! As we travel the GICW our view of the Lakes and Channel are just stunning.  We decided to follow the ICW from Tampa Bay to Charlotte to get a feel for the area.

It appears we have found out where the rich people live. I thought, I would share some photo of homes with you. We saw our first sea turtle but neither one of us was fast enough to grab our camera before he/she disappeared. LOL  This is my favorite house. You would be able to see the hurricane from any direction. IMGP7819_CRopped

The view of the homes are stunning. Look at the birds. What a view they have from their homes.


Yes, Great view..What to buy a house? The one next to the white one is for sale.

Okay, I like the sea horse. Look at how low the property is. They must get flooded during heavy storms.


Well, I forgot to share these two pictures with you. I don’t know if any one of you have seen the series “Two Broke Girls”. But we were out for a bike ride in St. Petersburg and noticed this cupcake store. The series is about two waitresses broke and looking for a way to make money. Max has the ability to make cupcakes to die for and Caroline came up the idea to open up their own business still waitressing. Anyways it’s just a TV show that makes me laugh. This cupcake store in St. Petersburg is also owned by two girls. I thought what a coincidence.  We both had a cupcake.  Bryce had “Forget Love, I’d rather fall in Chocolate”.  I had “Better Thans”.

Yesterday, we also said good-bye to Ken & Cari they were anchored next to us in Sarasota Bay. They were chock full of knowledge on the local areas and the Bahamas. Thank you for sharing with us Ken & Cari.

For any one who is following us on the ICW The Stickney Point Bascule Bridge (Sarasota) is under construction. You must be patient! The Bridge Master has to wait for the construction crew to give him permission to open the bridge.


The Bridge Master hailed us on the VHF and said he could only open the west side of the bridge. Yep.. that made us both a bit nervous. No room for a wake to hit us or our spreaders and shrouds would hit bridge.IMGP7809

The power boat let us pass through first. A big thank you to them.


As many of you know, one of our favorite things to do is set the auto pilot and enjoy the view crossing Sarasota Bay.


Bryce is getting an early Christmas gift from the weather man. He looked at the forecast and hasn’t stopped smiling.


Have a great day everyone.

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