Little Sarasota to Lemon Bay

Boy, I would have to call today a day of bridges! Another day of sunshine. We pulled up anchor from Little Sarasota Bay and headed into Lemon Bay. We came upon our first swing bridge Blackburn Point Swing Bridge it opens on signal. We only waited a few minutes for the Bridge Master who was a young women to open the bridge. When I first noticed the bridge opening my heart started pumping out of my chest. I could see a person standing on the bridge that didn’t make it across before the Bridge master open the bridge. As we motored closer, I then realized the Bridge master was opening the bridge from upon the moving bridge itself.


The current was a tad strong going through here our speed dropped a by about 2 mph. I turned to watch the swing bridge close and noticed the cute Standup boards and other things (on the left) one could rent here if they wanted to enjoy the water playground.


It is just amazing how our view changes as we past under or through each bridge. You can see how strong the breeze is today by looking at the palm trees. 16 knots today on the GICW.


Instead of boring you all with all the photos here is a list of the bridges we went through.


  • Blackburn Point Swing Bridge : Opens on Signal
  • Casey Key (Albee) Bascule Bridge: opens on Signal
  • Hatcheet Creek –Bascule Bridge: On the hour and every 20 minutes
  • Venice Ave-Bascule Bridge: Open on signal and on the hour & half hour
  • Circus (Tamiami) Bascule Bridge:Opens os Signal
  • Manasota Beach Bridge Bascule Bridge: Opens on Signal

This is Pelican Alley: Just passed the Casey Key Bridge.


This is really an interesting area. At this marina you just call and they take your boat out of the rack with a forklift and place the boat in the water.  This looks like a great Idea to keep the ultraviolet  rays and salt off your boats. 

This was a cool bridge I thought. This is the Venice Ave. Bascule Bridge. It has two sides to open.

It funny how the channel is continually changing. Now it is looking like we are back out on the rivers. On each side of this channel are bike paths. We waved to the bikers as they peddled by.

Now this has to be one of the most expensive mobile home parks that I have seen. They even have a marina.

Boaters pass us on a regular basis. We have yet to figure out the local hot spot.

Our Picture Of The Day 

We noticed a sunken sailboat just off the ICW.  A power boater went by and yelled…”Don’t let that happen to you!!!”

When I came back into the cockpit to sit in my chair, guess who I found relaxing in it! LOL


We anchored for the night in Lemon Bay. We took a dinghy ride down a near by canal. We were surprised by how narrow they are.

I found a palm tree with coconuts IMGP7968

For all our sailboat buddies. We anchored  in Lemon Bay, just off the ICW in 8.5 feet of water.


Have a great day everyone.


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