Naples Florida Day 1

We made it to Naples!! Across the Gulf. It was an awesome day. We saw sea-turtles , dauphines, and Lots and lots of crab pots. No joke.. was like sailing through a maze of tiny buoys. LOL   We ended up with winds from the south at 5-10 miles an hour. Almost no waves.  Wind was on our bow/nose; so the sails stayed down. We could of tacked but we were told by Boat US we needed to be in the channel by 4 or pass by Naples by due to the Tide switching direction. We figured we better not play around. Tow Boat US told us to watch out for depth… stay to the right near the red buoys..  to stay away from shoaling on the green side. We had 10 feet coming in. That was perfect!  Here is a picture coming up to the Fort Myers Beach bridge headed out to the Gulf.


Two guys were watching us pass under the bridge it was 65 feet and we are 60 Feet you could hear one guy say “Holy- Sh#t” I think they thought we were going to hit.


The birds are waking up…  They are stretching their wings.  Another picture of the bridge.


Bryce was looking over the side of the boat when  he noticed a sea turtle.


We were visited about 4 times by the dauphins. They always make me grin.  Here we see his tail as he dives down.


Here is a photo of the tiny crab pots buoys.


I didn’t realize I needed to put on sun tan lotion and sun burned my belly.  It was so calm, it could be Lake Erie on a windless day.


Yeah… He has on his lotion.


Here is the Channel headed into Naples. Bryce hailed a charter boat coming out of the channel in regards to the depth and where to go.

We had an hour ride after arriving into the channel to get into the City docks where we are staying. We had a slip until the 27 of Dec, so we could/might stay and celebrate Christmas here. The question is can we mentally stay here that long. LOL

I was so proud of my husband today! After we pulled in, we needed to get diesel fuel; so he fueled up.  The lady on the docks gave us our slip and said  maybe you should go bow it in. Bryce went and looked at the dock. It was one that the dock is a finger dock. We needed to go stern in or I would not be able to get off the boat. She said that she would meet us here to help us. That was nice. As Bryce was going in to the dock. She said I see you must have a bow thruster. I said nope. She said I see.. twin engines?? I said nope.. Just a Husband who knows what he is doing.  It was a tricky maneuver in close quarters.


After we settled in, we took our bikes out and headed into town. We found this nutcracker now, I don’t know witch one is the nut!!LOL


This tree is so pretty


A man was driving around with a deer head next to him dressed like Rudolph.

I just love Palm trees.  They are all over.


We went out for dinner and had a pigeon cross over my feet.LOL I relaxed with a strawberry daiquiri.

2 thoughts on “Naples Florida Day 1

  1. Curious about why you call dolphins dauphines. Is it auto correct or something else? I am enjoying your blog. Stop in at Florida Olive Oil in Naples… I used oil and vinegar products of theirs on the boat. Good stuff. Happy Holidays!

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