Snow in Naples?

I couldn’t believe my eyes, let me start from the begining. Bryce asked me if I wanted to walk into town to get an ice-cream.  Hum..that sounded so good. He took my hand and off we went for our evening delight. It was a short dark walk along the sidewalk to town. I was getting a bit worried that just maybe there was no night life here. We kept walking. Finally we could see the lights. As we approached main street, we both looked at each other and started laughing. It was eye-opening beautiful. People gather from all over to see the city streets fill with SNOW….Yes..I mean snow…LOL Above all the street lights they had snow makers. It was so pretty to see. People danced and kids made snowballs bands played.  It was an exciting night.


OH.. little town of Bethlehem comes to my mind when I look at this pic…


It is hard to believe that this snow is the only snow some children have ever seen.  Actually.. the snow is very fine bubbles.  Light and fluffy.


The music was good. I enjoyed watching the dancers.


We found an ice-cream place. The calories.. Oh… No…But yes, my fitness Pal Friends.  It was a bit much.. but the lemon ice cream added an odd flavor.  Bryce’s waffle cone was scrumptious.


We had the opportunity to meet some great new friends. It all began when Jeff started asking me about my great looking desert. He even offered to get a spoon and share it. I just laughed. That is how our evening went with the  4 of them. They were just a joy to spend time with. Jeff & Sheri Ponyslo and Tom & Bev Carocci. We had a great time with you. Thanks!!


After over ice-cream we had to get some more walking time in to wear off the calories. The snow machines ran out but the lights were fantastic.

Back at the City Doc Marina we took a few minutes to enjoy their lights also.

We have been missing our jet skis.  And exploring on a 5 mph dingy is excruciatingly slow.  So earlier, that morning  we took a 15 mile bike ride and ended up at Florida MotorSports. We spoke with a young man by the name of Jared Hamilton. He was so pleasant to talk to. Not knowing what to do for Christmas, we decided to buy a Sea🐬Doo Jet-ski. They delivered it to the launch ramp next to the city docks.  We decided to get only one right now because we have to tow it behind the boat. Now we can do some exploring!!!! Merry Christmas Honey😘💨

We can’t thank you all enough for sharing our dream with us.

Merry Christmas to you and your families🌲

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