My mad scientist

So I spent the morning yesterday on the bow drinking my morning coffee and started a blog.  Today, I went to finish up and the whole document was gone! Thanks Microsoft word.  A few days ago we had to go get parts for the refrigerator 400 miles round trip.  On the way up to the dingy dock, we ran into this colorful guy.


He remined us, we needed to stop for lunch at Hog Heaven.  The restaurant was on a tiny  bay that had a walk out to the point where you could leisurely sip a drink.


Back to the boat.. We had to do a complete rebuild on the fridge; cold plate and all.  I can say I never expected my refrigerator to stop working.  But as usual Bryce was able to get the refrigerator back up and working.  He put in a new Engel compressor and evaporator.  Now works great!

The following day we had to go back up to mall to get my iPhone looked at. It locks up on me at least 5 times a day. We were told, we had a three hour wait for a technician to look at my phone. Hum.. we thought, what are we going to do. Well, I did have a few ideas of things that I could use so wandering the mall we went. Shop shop shop. We stopped in this one store that I can’t remember the name, to find napkins that I wanted. You know the funny kind that say (for instance) “With all these times zones happy hour never ends.” Bryce disappeared, I couldn’t find him. I walked through the store finally I found him staring at this rack. It was full of all kinds of powder for an ice cream maker. I laughed Bryce we don’t have an ice cream maker. He looked at me and smiled “but we can buy one.” We don’t need an ice cream maker I said; we’re living on a boat. Come on, let’s go to the next store. Well we wandered and wandered. I was able to get some good steps in for my Fitbit.

Then finally I received the text. The technician at the Apple store was ready for me. After all that waiting we were told there was nothing they could do for me until I backed up my telephone. So the technician explained to Bryce what has to be done after I backed up my phone. So we headed home. Well I guess heading back to the boat is heading home. The following morning I woke up; made a pot of coffee and watched Bryce work for a few minutes. A few hours later after he was done working, Bryce looked at me. Jane I really do want an ice cream maker. I busted up laughing. Really; you want an ice cream maker. I laughed. So Amazon here we come. Bryce got his ice cream maker. I’ll take advantage of this opportunity. I thought to myself; what at Amazon do I need. Well I surely needed some hair products that I can’t seem to find anywhere. So okay; I’ll order some hair products. That’s all I could think of; laugh out loud.


The ice cream maker is in the middle.  Sure has changed from the olden days.  This one has its own refrigeration unit that cools down to -20 F.  Also its own stirring device.  Put the ingredients in and 45 minutes later, out pops ice cream.  Bryce proceeded to create butter pecan!!  The mad scientist at work..


Here’s what it looked like when done.  Boy was it good.. Calories be darn!!

Later that day Bryce decided to go kayaking.  Started out nice, but a storm came in.  Not easy to paddle into a 35 mph wind.  All butter pecan calories were gone!!


2 thoughts on “My mad scientist

  1. It would be fun to have one of those fancy new ice cream makers, but then I’d weigh 900 lbs! Guess I better pass up on that. 😊 That was a long drive for refrigerator parts! Fortunately you had a place to go that is fairly close, and a repair tech to do the work. Relatively inexpensive labor; only cost you an ice cream maker. Haha I hope he creates a special ice cream flavor for the birthday girl. Have a great Birthday today! Love you guys!!!

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    1. Thank you so much Sheila. Yes I checked out the calories on the vanilla ice cream he made me for breakfast 603 for one serving…, I will have to figure out how to reduce them. LOL


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