A Day in Key West

 Winter in Marathon, Vaca key, Florida.  Today weather is quite bad.


Another day as a new front moves through the Marathon area. Winter Ba-hum-bug!! I suppose it really doesn’t matter where you are in some way or form winter will come. However, I thought I would share a day trip to the Key West with you. Some of you already know about my first day trip on a bus. But this is about our trip there.

The story starts after our arrival by bus to Key West. We started our journey for the day in a local restaurant on the board walk in the marina for an appetizer & beer. Coconut shrimp 🍤 and a Bud Light🍻. It was very delicious.  Our table looked out to the marina.


Maybe the name of the restaurant was Singleton; not sure. This was a great place and our waiter was awesome.


Looking from inside to outside I noticed where to park our bike the next time down here.


Before I could get the camera out, the bow of this powerboat was full of birds.  There was only one left. I can just imagine the bird poop that has to be cleaned off. 


  This is a view from our table. After our appetizer and beer,  we strolled along the waterfront to capture the feel of the ocean. I don’t think Bryce nor myself ever could get enough of the amazing view.

During our ride to the Key West a girl on the bus was telling us about the roosters in the Key West. She said they were everywhere. You cannot turn around without seeing a rooster. I was thinking she might be a little nuts. Man let me tell you, she wasn’t  exaggerating; there were roosters around every corner. I wonder why hurricanes don’t blow them away.  


“I think I’ll enjoy a walk through town today. Maybe there will be less humans; after all don’t they know it’s winter… Silly humans.” LOL I do wonder what they are thinking.


I think that this is as close as I want to get to a shark…. This is a replica of the Megalodon shark; meaning Big Tooth.  As the plaque says this is an extinct species of sharks that lived about 1.5 million years ago during the Cenozoic Era. They were known to grow 62 to 67 feet long and hunted whale as their main source of food. The Megalodon teeth are similar to the Great White Shark however, they were much bigger, thicker along with finer serration. 

My sweetheart is standing in front of the History Museum.

We also noticed the cruise ship that was at port. 


Sorry, everyone this is as far as the road goes.  Mile marker zero.  From here on out, you need to be on a water craft.

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