Spring Cleaning

Forgive me for not reaching out to you all for a while, but there is not much going on here. We are still in Marathon; but we did receive a mooring ball. It feels so good to know we don’t have to rely on our anchors with the horrible weather. Today is going to be a good day winds are only NNE at 14 with gust up to 20.  Winds are constant and it has turned colder (60 at night).

 Bryce took advantage of the Heavy fresh water rain to swab the deck.

I collected rain water to clean the cockpit.  
Bryce asked me if I wanted to send back anything I wasn’t using or going to use to his sister Sheila’s house. She has offered to store a few things for us till we get back. Well, I did some Spring cleaning.  

  Putting the boxes together & weighing them no more then 20 pounds.

We could only fit 3 boxes in the dingy at a time. I stayed and packed Bryce took them to the rental car. 

We ended up with 8 boxes. 7 of them are full of my clothes; 1 is Bryce’s.

Thank you so much Sheila…the joke is I still have that many more outfits on the boat. 

After we went to the UPS we went for ice cream..yummy🍨. Because they sold cupcakes, Bryce asked if the owners of the store were two broke girls. The young lady looked up at him and replyied “Yes”.

 The ice cream was very good I had a peanut butter chocolate Sunday.

  Bryce had a waffle cone and peanut butter chocolate ice cream.

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Hi Jane & Bryce, you two have certainly had an awesome adventure with more to come!! Stay well and stay safe!! Glad you are enjoying the Keys, it is very pretty down there. We still hope to see you in the Spring and the offer still stands to take you to dinner and show your our area.
    Brenda Moran

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