Taking a Break in Sister Creek

Relaxation is the thing to do when there is nothing to do other than hanging around the boat fixing things that stop working. But yesterday, we really did nothing. After Bryce was done working, we made our way to the bow of the boat where we planted our rears for severals hours. The sun was shining upon us most of the day. We decided it was a perfect day as we sipped  grapefruit juice & vodka and got a little silly  waving to boaters as they went by on boats, dinghy, and jet skis  some even came by and laughed with us and shared stories of travels. I think we need more days like this.


I even danced a bit..LOL It was a great day.


That was our day in a nut shell. As evening approached I knew after doing laundry we needed to take our water jugs in a fill them up. It was a funny time.. see I have two left feet when it comes to driving the dinghy. Bryce needed to show me once again after a few cocktails.. he was really relaxing..It was probably a good thing because he laughed at me while showing me how to move the handle on the motor to steer. One of us needed to be in control…LOL We were not drinking and driving. Anyways, after arriving at the dinghy docks, I walked in to see how the list was doing for a mooring ball. I was so excited to find out we are number 2👏🏽 The young lady said Friday should be our day. This is a pic of what the mooring ball area looks like. Wonder what Letter & number? Please keep your fingers cross that we get one soon.


Sunday we went to West Marine and ordered a depth transducer for the jet-ski. Bryce installed our back up GPSmap 440s on the jet-ski. As we explore, sometimes we find great anchorages. But we have no clue what the depth is.. so what the heck.. let’s put a depth gage on the jet-ski.


We went back to Burdines restaurant and shared a cheeseburger & fries and watched this guy tack this little sailboat back & forth.



8 thoughts on “Taking a Break in Sister Creek

  1. Glad that you were able to get a little R&R. You day sounded so relaxing. Ahhhhhhh. When do you plan to head to the Bahamas? Sail safe! Lots of love and best wishes to you two.

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    1. Unfortunately,we have to wait to get or registration for the new jet-ski before we leave for the Bahamas. When we are lucky enough to get a mooring ball we will rent a car and explore the keys.


      1. That could take a while. For your sake, I hope it’s not too long. That jet ski seems to be a hindrance for some things. It’s so convenient for site seeing, and getting around though.

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  2. Hi Jane and Bryce, This is Yongmin. Time flies, last time i saw Bryce was back in 1998. Your guys are looking awesome. I got this site from Yuan, and now I am so excited to follow your journey.

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  3. Yes!!! We love Boot Key Harbor!! We have eaten at Burdines many times, Love that place. We have been there more that a few times (not by our boat) but on another. We have rented homes in Marathon for years and would always migrate to the harbor to view new arrivals. Beer and fresh catch of the day at Burdines was a must. Sombrero Beach is a must, Sister creek runs right to it. Wish we were there now.
    Look for Rick Henderson, He was a good friend of ours that I help to outfit his boat to leave on. He is almost always there on his Well equipped Catalina 30. He has a large arch on the back with panels. He frequents Burdines often. His girlfriend used to work there
    If you see him Tell him that Rick & Elizabeth say Hi

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