Winds are Howling 

It has been a busy few days here in Marathon. The winds are howling  around 22 knots through our anchorage.  

But we are able to play catchup on a few minor repairs. I am also getting some cleaning done.  On this map below in the red shows all the small craft advisory. At the tip of Florida where we are, the green shows it is also raining.

Everyday we have been taking our water jugs into town and filling them. We are trying to keep our water tank somewhat full. Lol..  I need to create a funnel so when it rains I can collect the rain water in the water tank.  Last night we made an extra trip into the dingy doc for water. This was our view as we headed back. All the little lights you see are sailboats mast lights. They have to be on at night even when people are on a mooring ball. Because interestingly enough, Colregs International regulations apply within the harbor!


We went to Sombrero reef snorkeling.  We had the GoPro camera in its case, and Bryce jumped in. But it was not the waterproof case.  It was destroyed by the salt water, so only a few Picts with cell phone.

I don’t know if you can see it but this is a jellyfish it almost clear looking. When we were snorkeling I saw little bubbles and they were baby jellyfish. Pretty cool🐟


Everyday we see kayakers and fishing boats pass us by here in sister creek. Typically dozens of kayaks head into the Mangroves.

Here is an updated map of our adventure. By the time we are done we will connect to the beginning marker in Michigan. 



2 thoughts on “Winds are Howling 

  1. Happy New Year Honey. A little late but I have enjoyed reading your exploits. Boy , what an adventure ! It is good to see you both doing so well & warm. Do you know where you will be docking in the keys or Bahamas? Do you need a reservation? What do you miss? I have so many questions! How often do you need to restock? You have such a tan. Do you still need sun screen because I know the Florida sun is hot!! No news here. Michigan is just as you left it. Wow can you believe you finally are doing it! Enjoy the sun and take care!

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    1. Hello Sweetie,
      Happy New Years to you and Bruce too. We never know where we will be next. We are still in Marathon Fl Keys. Will be here until our title comes in for the jet ski. We are thinking about renting a car and exploring the keys. Then head out to the Bahamas it will feel good to be moving on the water again. Reservations are always a good idea but when you don’t know where you’re headed it hard to make them. Mostly we anchor out. I restock about every 8-10 days. Yes, I wear sun screen. I miss people…I miss walking the mall and doing our workouts. Enjoy the snow and be safe my friend.


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