Sister Creek, Vaca Key, Marathon

My days are now starting to run into each other. Not sure what the day is until I look at my watch.. We have been on a waiting list for a slip or a mooring ball for a week now. I sure hope someone calls us soon as I am getting bit up by no-see-uems. Well, the time has come to replenish our food & drink supplies.  We walked to the Publix grocery store and had to call a taxi to bring us back. After we loaded up the dinghy there was hardly enough room for us. but we did it. LOL

After we finished up with the grocery, we went and picked up some snorkel equipment and Bryce is showing me how to snorkel.

My hair is as white as my mask..LOL It didn’t take me long I tried it now it is time to relax….

Our anchor light has been out for a few days and we have been waiting for a day that I could host Bryce up the mast without wind or boat traffic. Yesterday morning, New Years Day, was the day. Our Anchor light is finally getting replaced and we don’t have to use our tri- color any longer. On the way up he found my TV antenna wire had come undone. So Bryce fixed that.


I finally got him to the top.


While Bryce was at the top he took pictures of the area with his phone.  Sixty feet up gives quite the view.  Here is a picture of two boats near us and the Mangroves behind.


Here is a picture looking toward Boot Key Harbor.


And the radio station that causes all kinds of wacko problems on the boat.


Looking toward the Ocean, are subdivisions.


The top of the boat looking down gives an interesting perspective.


After dealing with the mast-light we went into town for ice-cream


On New Yeas day they had a polar plunge at the dinghy docks.. They used a few bags of ice to make it cold, but I think it melted quickly as the water temp was nearly 80.


We had the opportunity to meet up with our brother-inlaws (Jim Rathbun) two sisters (and spouses) and friends of his sister Sally’s for lunch on News-Day. What a wonderful time we shared with them.  On the left side of the picture from me is sister Nancy (white/yellow stripe shirt) and her husband Joe (white tee shirt).  On the right side of the picture from me is sister Sally (blue shirt) and husband Bill (white shirt).  Further right are friends Brende (aqua shirt) and Bo (freen/blue stripe shirt) who are sailors down here in Marathon. OM… I forgot the one behind me (green shirt) I think you all know who he is…LOL.  And me in the black shirt.


Our day is coming to an end so we stopped by the beach for a few minutes after meeting up with Sally and the gang.


we hope you all had a safe New-Years-Eve and New-Years- Day.

2 thoughts on “Sister Creek, Vaca Key, Marathon

  1. Oh man, that picture looking from atop the mast down to Beauty made my stomach flip flop! I would never be able to go up there. The other pictures that Bryce took up there were an awesome sight to see!
    How nice that you were able to connect with Jim’s family.

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